'The Sacred Masculine Structure' 

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 2018

Natasha Astara 

Natasha Astara

I will Reflect your soul and you will reflect your star energy back to me

I work with Divine Feminine Energy to help individuals clear and release energy blockages that prevent them from living and bringing through their star energy here on earth. I facilitate your birthing process by looking at your physical body, energy body, emotions and mindsets to identify any disconnections of energy or blockages that are preventing the flow of you in your life. My work is attuned to help you ascend into the 5th Dimension - Heart Consciousness.

Most of my work is designed for Star seeds, Earth Angels, Indigos and advanced souls as i work multidimensionally up to 10D and beyond. If you are just awakening thats ok too - as each session will work on layers and we will work using the tools that you need for where you are currently at. 


My work also involves transforming landsites, buildings and businesses  by connecting with the energy of the land, elementals and communicating with other realms that live alongside our own. I work on the subtle energies that become the substance of our world.


We can do this over the phone, in person or for big transformations - within groups. I also create artworks for healing space and raising vibrations if you have a space in need of vibrational upliftment. I run workshops and retreats and i work with other fantastic individuals that i value to engender deep transformation and soul alignment.


I believe you have a unique and personal star energy and the world needs you right now to shine brightly!

Check out my Youtube channel to see more of what i do - subscribe if you want to hear more. 

If you are interested in my ART WORKS Please go to www.natashaastara.co.uk

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