Flowing into New Energy

January 31, 2018

Tonight we have an Ecliptic Full Moon in Leo. It is a Super moon and a blue moon. We are going to be feeling the effects of this moon for the next few days and perhaps weeks as it energetically thrusts us into another gear. We are also on the eve of Imbolc, the celtic festival of the maiden on 1st February. This is a festival of new beginnings, innocence and fresh energy. We are coming out of the darkness of winter and into a new spring over the next 6 weeks. 

We are coming through the flux of the separation of two polarities as many of us move from the 3rd Dimensional reality into the 5th Dimension. This is a time of great movement and one which many of us already working in the 5D have been waiting for. The effects of this will be myriad and in  alignment with people working from the heart and creative consciousness. At this time there are many people transitioning from 3D to 5D. This process includes disentangling and clearing old patterns of conditioning that have blocked the star energy carries the  blueprint of your divine mission for this incarnation on earth. Many light workers have been preparing for this their whole lives, some will be transitioning, others will be awakening in the coming months and years. People who choose to remain in the 3D will do so and we will be coming to a point where people in the 3D will not be able to project or transfer what they no longer want to deal with unconsciously onto the more conscious people ascending to a higher faster vibration. There will be a lot of shifts and some people will experience these acutely and others will remain ignorant of what is happening. This is all part of their soul agreements and learning. As i see it at the moment, the population will be divided into transition stages;

Transition Stages 
1. People already working in the 5D and higher; they will be cleaning up their soul agreements within the 3D and acting as shepherds for other people transitioning. Their energy will be stabilising and balancing the new matrix being installed here on Earth. Some of these people are also coding the new matrix energies as skilled galactic coders. 

2. Some people are Light workers in transition. These people have probably been working mostly in 5D choosing life careers as healers, energy workers or being in service to the divine. They are already working with parts of their divine soul mission but will spend time working old contracts and conditioning in the 3D. As they transition, they will also be clearing old patterns on mass for the great population and collective unconscious. 

3. A section of the population will be experiencing spiritual awakenings where they literally begin to 'wake' up from the 3D and begin to activate in their 4D/5D energy. This can be a scary experience as they become more sensitive and do not always have the support around them to know what is happening or how to deal with it. 

4. The majority of the world population will remain in 3D. They will go about their normal everyday existence and have no idea what i am babbling on about. They will be committed to maintaining the status quo and patriarchal structure in the 3D matrix, as they have no other reference for living, thinking or being at this time. 

This process will be going on for probably the rest of my lifetime and perhaps many hundreds of years into the future. As we move forward, it is important to acknowledge where you are in the stages and following some guidelines in the process. The transition process is a massive detox from your cellular memory and your mind patterns and beliefs. You are reprogramming 3D conditioning and this can feel uncomfortable. It can affect the mind, memory and the body. It can affect dynamics in relationships and cause instability. Here are some guidelines to help you in this process:

Guidelines for Easy Transitioning
1. Let go of Control - The 5D is about being in love and engaging the heart in all you do. We cannot control life and people but we can dance with the creations and manifestations of love and the divine.
2. Let it flow and give up your resistance to change. Any resistance will be like trying to hold back a tidal wave and be very uncomfortable and futile. 
3. Let go of expectations that keep you fixed and trying to control outcomes. Better things will occur if you can surrender into the flow. 
4. Spend time with people who uplift you, who are already in the 5D.
5. Make self care a priority - eat healthy, exercise, rest, sleep, laugh and spend time in nature and doing things you love.

Things to AVOID
1. Anything or anyone who drains your energy. Now is the time to cut the cords and unplug from these situations that keep you stuck.
2. Don't engage in negative repetitive mind patterns about lack, low self worth, self hate, self loathing etc. 
3. Abusive toxic relationships that enable self abusive patterns.
4. 3D patterns that are active in the patriarchy that perpetuate fixed mindset mentality. Unplug your energy from these patterns and look for an alternative healthy way of thinking or doing things. 

This is a good time to invest in yourself and have massages, saunas, steams to cleanse and detox the body. Hire a life coach or energy worker to help clear your energy weekly so that your process is easier and less stressful. Step up self love and listen to your heart and what it is calling you to do at this time. The new energy is beginning to flow as the 5D matrix becomes activated and stabilised, so you will feel the benefit of working with the new vibration much more clearly if you are attuning your mind and your body to love. 

I wish you all a beautiful full moon and a smooth easy transition to your higher vibration. 

Love and Light Blessings

Natasha Astara 

If you would like to work with me, i am offering reduced sessions for this period until the vernal equinox to assist light workers and awakeners through this period of energetic flux. Sessions are priced at $60 (aprox £55)



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