Interdependency - 5D Relationships

February 5, 2018


What constitutes a healthy relationship? This is a question that i have been mulling over for a while. Psychology seems to have some answers here and i think everyone would come up with different answers that may follow the themes of love, respect, cooperation, consideration etc. Working with other humans in this area requires a level of mutual compatibility of values and a willingness to work together to make this venture successful. One of the primary keys to attracting and maintaining good relationships is to have a good relationship with oneself. This transition period of the past few years is reaching peak intensity with the process of cleaning up and clearing up old karmic patterns and relationships that help to perpetuate them. The super moon last week has  shone a spotlight on deeper layers of self awareness. Indeed, we are diving deeper into the core of who we are. This deep dive will cause ripple effects on those around us in our love relationships, friends and communities. 

One of the reasons that we are clearing up old patterns is so that we can move into the 5th Dimensional reality and be free of limiting energetic connections that cause restriction. In the 5D, relationships will be based on Interdependency and generate an energetic jump towards living from joy and the heart. Currently in the 3D many of the relationships are based on co-dependency, which can be described as one or more people who are operating from a feeling of incompleteness due to wounding or lack of self awareness, coming together in a relationship where each person is unconsciously giving their wounding to another to 'care for' and accepting the wounding of the other to do the same. This sets up an energetic pattern that holds people in a fixed state of wounding and does not allow them to expand and move into a higher level of expansion. An example of wounding is that two people who feel they are unloveable rely on the feeling of love from the other person because they cannot give love to themselves. Energetic grooves around survival, love, money, loneliness etc can all be set up and perpetuated in this way. In a codependent set up individuals are usually afraid of loosing their 'supply' of whatever they need from the other person because they struggle to generate it for themselves, but having the partnership intact means that they will never have to experience and own this feeling to be able to generate their own self supply. Creating your own self supply of whatever you are lacking helps to shift an individual to Independence. 

Independence is another step into the realm of self sufficiency, where an individual is able to create all they need from themselves. This energetic state allows someone to really begin to know and understand their own energy and how to self regulate. I know many sensitive light workers who reach this state and are reluctant to have a close relationship because potential partners are not self regulating or independent. This can sometimes mean that the need for closeness and intimacy is left unmet. In less sensitive individuals, being independent can develop into a characteristic of selfishness, where they are less able to give and do not want to. Balancing these states is important for the next jump into a 5D society.

The line of development from full dependency (as a child) - to codependency - to independence  and finally to INTERDEPENDENCY. The final stage is that of two or more healthy independent individuals engaging in a relationship from a place of balanced wholeness. They are neither carrying unhealed wounds for another to heal or taking on unhealthy energy to heal. It is an engagement of free will and based on a healthy collaboration of two or more souls coming together to create a mingling of whole energy and see what is created as a result. When we build healthy relationships between individuals in collaboration, then the relationship energy is more stable and more positive. In the 3D, some codependent relationships can be built on negative attractions between individuals. This can be avoided in the 5D relationship, where healthy autonomous individuals have mastered their own energy and participate as an act of giving and in grace, without the expectation of anything in return, indeed, all their needs are met and adjoining with another becomes an opportunity to create into the higher realms of joy through the heart. 

I have been working with clients clearing their Heart Matrix and seeing the effects that cording to codependent dissonant relationships can have on the their life energy. It can adversely affect money, emotional balance, soul development and their divine soul mission. Clearing up the heart matrix is one way of allowing your heart to experience more joy and be closer to who you were designed to be in this incarnation on Earth. Saying no to drains on your energy by ending toxic relationships is a healthy way of looking after yourself. The transition energies that we are experiencing at the moment are bringing these patterns, which sometimes have been hidden and difficult to see for ourselves, into the spotlight. There has never been a better time to let go and allow those connections that do not serve you to be resolved or dissolved. The result of this clearing is a happier, clearer, more joyful heart to be able to manifest your true desires into your life and reality. The clearer you become, the more instant this will be. 

On the UP side is the bigger picture of  a World of Interdependent relationships creating communities based on healthy self aware people, giving to one another for mutual cooperation. Communities and collaborations based on health and giving from that space to see what we can create. Lack is going to be left in the 3D, where people create from fear and lack. In the 5D our communities will want to help each other out of the love and joy of collaborating to CREATE - not because we have to but because it gives us deep deep joy to do so. :) 

Bright blessings

Natasha Astara 


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