Kicking the 'Not Good Enough Habit'

January 20, 2018


The 'Not good enough enough' habit is a form of self abuse. I came to this conclusion after catching myself having probably my 100th internal dialogue this week detailing all the reasons why i have not done things that i planned to do. The catch here is that even when i have completed the tasks i was experiencing another internal conversation that critized my actions or expressed how i could have done it more efficiently or with more flare/style/accuracy* (*delete as appropriate). I really had to tell myself to STOP and step out of this repetitive mind pattern. 

I have been told that women are usually suffering from two forms of self disempowerment - "Feeling like they are Too MUCH" or "Feeling like they are NOT ENOUGH".  Over the past year i have met business coaches specialising in helping women who suffer from the 'not good enough' mindset. I feel that this thinking is like an infected computer program that really needs to be cleaned up. 

What sort of thoughts come up when this mind program is running?
- I am a failure
- Nothing i do is good enough
- i can't do anything
- I am overwhelmed. 
- Everyone is better than me

Yarda yarda yarda  etc- and on it goes. This a 3D program, designed to keep people from living their brilliance and being empowered. It is a good way of controlling people and preventing creativity and star energy from emerging. It contributes to procrastination, low self esteem and 'stuckness'. These thought patterns do not help anyone and use up a great deal of time and energy for what is essentially akin to running on the spot. The more you engage with this dialogue, the more it uses up your life force and distracts you further away from your authenticity and true self. It builds fear and insecurity and takes you out of the heart space. 

What to do about it?
Firstly, become aware that you are some how perpetuating self abuse every time you engage in this mind programming. One of the troubles of this is that this requires you to be able to identify it is happening by observing your own thoughts or listening to yourself talk to others, where it creeps in. if you have a helpful friend or partner, they may be able to point it out to you, although  you might take this as criticism if you are in a really bad cycle. 

Secondly, step away from the thoughts and become the observer. Bring in your higher self to help you. Stop engaging in the thoughts. There is no point in arguing either side, it will just drag you back in. Refuse to participate in this form of self abuse. You can even state out loud "i refuse to participate in this self abuse". 

Thirdly, Be kind to yourself. Identify your inner child and hold her or him. Praise her and keep her warm and safe. Be very gentle in your manner with yourself. You have just been beating yourself up mentally and this will need time to settle and feel safe again. 

Fourthly, bring in more love and appreciation for yourself. Move deeper into the heart and generate some self love. Do something nice for yourself in that moment. Self hug. Ask for a hug. Drink warm tea and snuggle. Whatever helps you to bring love into your life and self. 

Fifthly - State loud and clearly - I APPROVE OF MYSELF. State this as many times as you need to and frequently through out the day. We are trying to change the neural pathways here and create a good highway to this thought pattern of self approval. This is wholesome and the only pattern we need here in this part of the mind. If you don't feel or believe that you do approve of you then you need to do it more often. Affirm it even if you don't want to and you would rather eat your own hand. You are laying a new foundation that will release you from endless suffering. 

This brain pattern is like a virus and my channeling messages are telling me that these are more activated at this time of transition from the 3D to the 5D. Old patterns really want to hold onto us to keep us fixed in 3D. The new patterns are already in place and all we need to do is clear away and disassociate from the old 3D ones. You will notice what these are more instantly now. They are always fixed, negative and take you away from love and your star self. We don't need to live like this anymore. It has become a choice and the more we choose freedom and self empowerment - the better our world will seem and become. 

Its time to SWITCH OFF the 'Not Good Enough" program and activate the healthy patterns of self approval and self love. 

I am currently offering discounted sessions online to assist anyone going through this process or who are working through the transition from 3D to 5D and need some support and help. This is a really good offer until the end of March 2018, with sessions at $60/£55

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