Clearing Out the DOUBT

October 1, 2017

I think i will name this weekend 'Black Hole of Doubt'. I met with a few friends who work with spiritual awakening and some amazing high level multidimensional work (lucky me :)), but rather than our usual buzzing conversation that takes us off in the cosmos and to galaxies far far away there seemed to be a reoccurring them of self doubt and hints of resignation. Conversations went in a circle about the heavy energy we seem to be dealing with at the moment and how this 'letting go' phase was lasting too long with no let up. Everyone seem to be hankering for the new waves of 5D frequencies to flood in and take us up to the next level. When it came down to it, there is a level of stuckitty stuckness that no light worker can tolerate for this long and in this intensity. 

I tuned into this and found myself visioning the picture of what is going on and i thought i would relay it in a blog for anyone having a hard time at the moment, even if they don't know what might be causing it and maybe has put it down to the thing called 'life'.

At the moment, and for sometime, the Earth has been transitioning. We have also been transitioning with her as her children living on her surface. The Earth has been speeding up her frequency and awakening her heart, which allows and encourages us to speed us our frequency and experience the opening of our hearts. We help the earth and she helps us. Many of us will have star frequencies that have been struggling with the density of the earth and have not been able to be our maintain our star frequency down here. This means that many of us have had to operate on a lower frequency than we are actually programmed for and life, as a result, can be hard and feel like a struggle. It causes confusion, depression, illness and a general level of yuk emotionally and spiritually. We are learning to use lots of tools to lift the vibrations to ones that feel better for each of us, for example, eating a 'light' diet, meditations, yoga, energy medicines. Each time one of us makes these steps towards 'cleaning' up our energy, it helps to clear density and allows more of our natural frequency to come through and be part of our bodies.

At the moment so many people are clearing out on a massive detoxifying level. There is a clearing of old ancestral patterns, karmic agreements, toxic codependent relationships, past life trauma, multidimensional interferences and discarnate souls. On top of this many are experiencing a clear out of old emotions and old fixed mindsets. It is INTENSE. Clients and friends are telling me that they are going up and down, flying from super positive to super low many times a day. Empowered to disempowered like the wobbles on a stretched rubber band. Empaths are telling me that they feel drained by the changes and coping with the levels of energy moment and reordering around them. 

The Earth is shifting from third dimensional (3D) reality to fifth Dimensional (5D) reality. The old patriarchal matrix which has been encrusting the Earth's heart and core is falling away as it cannot stay 'fixed' with the new vibrations arriving here on Earth, from all the lovely star beings that have incarnated here and all the help and assistance from the realms and galactic energy that wants to help her. Unfortunately even though this change is probably the best thing to happen since the dawn of our Sun (the solar star), we as star beings in human bodies need to shift from 3D to 5D too and this is feeling uncomfortable. Many of the healers and light workers that i know are much more comfortable in 5D energy. It has been an endless struggle in the 3D and the patriarchal systems of shoulds and should nots keeping everything black, white and all shades of grey and fixed. The 5D energy is waking up and we are feeling the release and the empowerment beginning to flow but it is not quite visible in tangible reality yet. Doubt steps in and confusion. This in turn activates old fixed mind sets and programs that are attuned to implants in the body and activate trauma. These are the energies we are detoxifying at the moment, so see each opportunity for release as it comes up. The truth is that many of the people i am working with and meeting are coming more and more into alignment with their soul energy. I am seeing about 60% integration with their true frequency with those who have been on this path a while. Sometimes it is more and with people who are still in the 3D energy this can be much much lower. As the individual releases, the percentage of their star frequency increases, which in turn, pushes out more 3D energy that cannot align or stay in the cells of the body or the energy matrix. However, the individual becomes more aware of the heavy stuck stuff that they are then trying to release. I think this is where the doubt and struggle becomes stronger too. On one level you are becoming lighter and more aligned with who you are but on another, you are more aware of the dissonance of the old patterns and energy that keeps you stuck and you are releasing. 

Hang tight, its happening. Things are changing. 

We are moving into 5D and this will mean a much more pleasurable existence for all those carrying Starchild energy. Working from the heart with love, compassion and joy will serve you. Fun, laughter, play will be the main focus. This is not going to be hard. This will be a play ground of success for lightworkers creating a World that we all really want to live in. A co-creation of community Love in a balanced and healthy way. At the moment we are just filtering out the stuff we don't need and that doesn't serve this vision. This outcome is what the Earth wants and what we all want. Thats why we came here. This is what this is all about. Have faith, breathe deep and believe Starchild. You have not been forgotten. This journey is only just getting started for us all and it is going to be AMAZING. :)

Venusian Love and Bright Blessings

Natasha Astara 


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