Love is the Answer

October 19, 2017


Deep in the Earth there is a supply of nourishing love that, if discovered, can fill your life and heart and with boundless energy and connection. It is the connection that many of us crave and desire. I meet people who are lost and low on energy all the time. Some of these people have high functioning lives and incredible psychological awareness but are completely unconscious of what they are seeking. Their minds seem to say ’I need something’ but fail to recognize that need as Love. Instead, it is filled with focus, drive and intention to something else that could be what they imagine as ‘Love obtained’, something that will fill a hole and make it all worth living. When I studied philosophy there was a great emphasis on looking at how we think and the functioning of reason and the mind. There was nothing of the heart and love. For many centauries and perhaps aeons there has been a distortion of the matrix where love has been knocked off the top spot and replaced by the mind. The all knowing - or it thinks it is, mind with reason and the ability to manifest. The mind is an incredible tool that has been used to create and determine our societies into modern life. I love modern life. I love the people, the shops, the bars, the homes and all things techy. It is for me, a testament to how powerful and creative the mind can be and how amazing humans are when they put their minds into action. But our society has reached a point of conclusion on this aspect. We have created from the mind and forgotten the heart.
Putting the heart over the mind creates an imbalance. But I see this ALL the time. I have witnessed it and played it out myself many times and it has never managed to lead me to a place of fulfillment or grace. To neglect the heart is to cut off and override feelings, your soul, what fuels and feeds your emotional life and your creativity. In Chinese Medicine, the seat of the soul resides in the Heart. It is your place of higher consciousness and although, women have a womb that connects them with divine creation and sets them apart on a much more skilled and immersive journey of creation and love than men, both women and men have a heart. Both sexes hold the consciousness of the heart and we need to appreciate how this holds so much wisdom and information for us to guide our paths in life. Life is a journey and very rarely a destination. The heart holds the key to Love, knowing that this is the only currency that is real in this reality. I believe that money is just an extension of this love, a way of holding and expressing value and worth, but love is the main component. People are made through love. People are not made through money or what it can buy, although sometimes this can be utilized to get what you want, more love.  However, you cannot create love using money but I do believe you can create money using love.
Love is the answer. I could say this over and over again. John Lennon and Yoko Ono knew it. This is the message we all need to hear. This love message should be printed over and over again. I want love on the agenda of every government, company, prison and school. Only the wholeness and vibrancy of love is going to heal the distortion on this planet and help the new matrix to become activated.
If I could describe myself as a Love Warrior, I think I would be as I get angry a lot, I become enraged, I feel, I cry, I swear, I stress but I also create and love. This is the whole spectrum of feeling that I have as a human and it is with my feelings that I create my world. I hold the whole rainbow in my being but Love is the overarching radiance that holds it all together and makes it all worthwhile.
I see good people, hardworking, dedicated to creating healthy and wealthy lives. They maintain good relationships and friendships and make life work for them. I see sad people, depressed people. Good people who can’t quite get it all together in their lives for all sorts of reasons. I see people living the average life with all its ups, downs, ebbs and flows and I see that love is the flow that helps them along. When we are stressed, ill or sad, an imbalance is occurring which needs to be balanced by love. I know it is easy to say that this answer is too simple or too difficult. But in reality, what is simpler than love but so difficult to maintain. Anyone spending time in a relationship can account for that. We are complicated beings, which have been under the oppression of the old matrix, which has strengthened the patriarchal inflexible thinking. Thought forms have been used to control the mind and consciousness. For many of us we have been vibrating at a level that has been making us sick and making it impossible to expand into who we really are. What is possible for all of us if we are able to reconnect with love on a basis where it is in EVERYTHING we do, think, speak and create. It creates healing within ALL our cells and reprograms the DNA and cellular memory. It helps to clear out the old and bring in the new. The NEW is the vibration that YOU hold and were meant to deliver in now, in your life and on this Earth. That’s the true meaning of your life and it’s fuel is love.

If you are interested in activating your heart matrix, i am doing sessions with clients over skype. Heart Matrix Healing to enable you to get closer to love. 

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