Let it Go

November 10, 2017


Somewhere in all this craziness there is something that makes sense! I trust that and the process of unfolding that is happening as we move more and more into the 5th Dimension. It has been a week or two of swimming in the primordial soup of change and chaos. I have felt like the caterpillar that goes into the darkness of the chrysalis and begins to digest itself. The imaginal cells are activated but I have no idea what anything will look like afterward. This is a process of creation and a dynamic of transformation. Only a few things are sure at the moment - things are falling away and other things are forming. I use the word 'things' to describe the mass chaos of variation that this energetic movement is working on- its feels like literally EVERYTHING is in flux. If you are not feeling this then, lucky you! 

I was reminded this morning about the process of letting go. The image included in this post is one i took of the reminder. My daughter's necklace was sitting on a glass surface near my sacred candle. It says 'let it go'. The backdrop of glass and light created a nice aesthetic and i nodded in agreement. This is true! This is the period of the 'great letting go'. Native American tribes would have a practice of the great 'letting go' where they would give away all their belongings. I am down with that. I have been sorting through cupboards, drawers and boxes to send all things i don't need to recycling and charity. My aim is to get rid of almost all of my physical clutter. This process also relates to the emotional and  energetic clutter. I have been experiencing the sort of clearing that can only occur when the vibration of earth has speeded up enough to shed the heavy old patterns of the 3rd Dimension. Implants and implanted patterns are becoming easier to identify and shed. I have been working with many clients around this, assisting the shift into the 5D and cleaning up energy that is no longer required. 

In Chinese Medicine, the season of Autumn relates to the lungs and large intestine organs and meridians. These organs help us to process grief, loss and letting go. We need to let go of what no longer is useful and doe not serves our mind, body and emotions so that we can clear a space to allow new growth. The weather in autumn can be stormy and wet, shaking the leaves off the trees and beginning the process of composting, releasing the nutrients back into the soil. When we grieve, we are letting go of the old, the past, the good and the bad. If we deny ourselves this process, we can never fully experience the richness of the life we have lived. People shy away from the process of grief and loss because it can feel immensely painful, especially if we are storing lots of unexpressed grief from our lifetimes, perhaps this lifetime and others. Stored and unexpressed grief clogs up our lungs and heart. It affects our ability to feel and to experience joy and love. On a higher level, it blocks our star energy and knowledge from flowing through us. Star energy is a light vibration and needs our energy vessel to be clear so it can flow through us. Clogged up lungs and stagnancy makes life hard and an experience of struggle. Now is really the time to breathe and let go. To grieve and to know that you will come out the other end like the butterfly - transformed into something that is brighter, lighter and more colourful. 

To give you an idea of what people seem to be letting go of en-mass at the moment:
- Relationship dynamics that do not serve you
- Past life karma
- Old patterns of the 3D - resentment, anger, rage, abandonment, struggle, persecution, suffering etc. All the old stuff that makes life unbearable.
- Old contracts with people, star constellations and systems, religions, vows
- Illness  - yes, a surprising one but if we learn to deal with illness at the energetic level it will no longer need to be worked on the physical level where it becomes truly 'stuck'
- Stagnancy in all its forms including land, home, clutter, stuck relationships and mind patterns
- Fixed thought forms - oh this is such a BIG one for many people
- Fear 
- Implants and control by others. 
- Abuse of power and unhealthy power dynamics. 
- Illusion

I like to think of this entire process as the GREAT LETTING GO before the GREAT CLEAN UP. We are preparing to become shiny and in the words of Niki & the Dove - I trust we will begin to "SHINE LIKE YOU ARE MADE OF LASERS"*
*Taken from 'Ode to Dance Floor' Niki & The Dove.

Booking with me on Mondays - i have now opened up another day for bookings if you would like to clear up and create more space for working from the heart matrix. Skype/internet sessions are £125 for 45 mins. 

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