Thought Forms & The Lungs

December 10, 2017


Since my last musing on clearing thought forms i have received a few queries on how thought forms can affect us mentally and physically. I hope to give some insight into this further with some examples. In Chinese Medicine, the Lungs relate to the Element Air and can become clogged with excess thoughts. Mental clutter is a problem for most modern people who tend to reside in their heads rather than their hearts. Men seem to have this problem a great deal but i have worked with many women who have also adopted this style. When the lungs become clogged with toxic thoughts they begin to dysfunction and the breathing is laboured and the immune system becomes impaired. The Lungs are located in the heart chakra and there is also the unpleasant coincidence of clouding the heart energy. Blocked heart energy makes it harder to feel and to seat the energy of the person into the heart space, therefore they tend to reside in their head more. This effect impairs judgement, joy, connecting with self and various other issues on a a mental-emotional level. The individual develops a further split from self. They forget who they are and disconnect from their loving self and the seat of their soul or higher self residing in the heart. This mechanism could account for the deeply distorted mess that modern humans are finding themselves in. I firmly believe that if we work from the heart and love it would be impossible to live in a world with cruelty, unkindness, war and an institutionalised patriarchy. 

To feel one's heart and one's joy is to know thyself and one's true identity of love. If we move away from this, we are in danger of residing in the mind and causing an imbalance in our bodies and energy matrix. 

A further problem is one of manipulation and mind control. Thought forms sent from others can have a controlling or manipulating effect on the mind of an individual. Loving thought forms carrying the radiance of love, like the ones i send to my children when i think of them are uplifting and wholesome. They radiate grace and protection. They do not seek to manipulate or control another. However, thought forms sent with malicious intent, whether consciously or  unconsciously, can have a negative effect on an individual. The thoughts that are most dangerous seem to be those of 'imposed will', where the creator wishes to have control over another using the power of thought. This behaviour can be witnessed in abusive relationship dynamics. I have witnessed women being 'mind controlled' and having no clue that this was happening to them. The dominant partner using will and thought to dominate their partner's minds, bending their will to their own. We also see this in a dilute form when parents try to get young children to do something. The child would like to play but the parent imposes their will to get them to go to bed. The child would like to play in the woods but society says that they have to go to school. The overlaying of will upon an individual is prevalent in our society with each layer taking one further away from one's own will and ability to stay in contact with the joy of the heart. This is one of the reasons that the patriarchal systems unpinning the old matrix could stay in place for so long and so well. Once things are 'fixed' in a certain way by imposing will, it is incredibly hard for the individual to connect with themselves and use their own will to direct their life how they desire. 

Clearing the lungs using sound such as singing or music is an excellent tonic. Breathing and any exercises that open the chest like yoga or stretching allow the lungs to move stagnant energy. Clearing ancestral qi and grief from the lungs helps to move the stagnancy and free up the 'receiving' points located at the front of the shoulders. 

Most importantly, try and keep your thoughts positive, light and healthy, as they create your reality and health in others and your environment. 

If you would like to explore more of this work and what it could do for you please use my link page to go to my diary and book a free 10 minute call. 

If you are looking for more information on Grief work then i recommend Francis Weller's book, 'The Wild Edge of Sorrow', which is a beautiful read on an ancient art written by a contemporary grief expert. I particularly like that he is male author talking about feelings and emotions and how to process them in a healthy way. 

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