Moving into Self Sufficiency in The 5D

January 14, 2018


We are nestling into January 2018, the full moon has passed and we are approaching dark moon on the 16th. Astrologically speaking we are being pushed and pulled in all directions in an intense way. One of my favourite weekly reports on youtube is by Kaypacha called the Pele Report and if you have not heard of it i would suggest you check it out. Meanwhile, in this blog post i would like to share with you my experience and channeling about the process we are in as we move from the 3rd dimensional reality to the 5th (5D).

Firstly, what i am realising is that not everyone is experiencing this shift or has any knowledge of it. There are some people and perhaps the majority of the muggle world just getting on with daily life and may appear ok. Reading this would probably mean as much to them as if i were writing in Ancient Greek. However, there are other people out there, like myself, who are deeply sensitive to this process and the speeding up of the Earth's energy. The process for sensitive people aligned to the transition of 5th dimensional energy is like going up and down in a roller coaster from minute to minute and hour to hour. There are people who are inbetween the two states and i would recognise these are people who are awakening spiritually or have the ability to move into the 5D over time. They may be getting flu like symptoms or having arguments or anxiety and not really knowing what is causing it. Getting sick is the body's way of getting rid of toxic stuff that does not agree with our energy or physical systems. It also encourages an individual to pay attention to a part of themselves which they would otherwise ignore. 

My second experience is that i am being frequently made aware that the new way of healing and being as we shift from 3D to 5D is about self sufficiency and maintaining your own energy. This relates to looking after your energy so that is not being utilised by others in an unhealthy way and that ones supply of energy is only coming from yourself or source. This is a very important difference. As an acupuncturist, energy healer and empath, there have been many many many (x 1000 billion) where i have held energy for people, land locations or groups to transform. I have received channellings telling me that i have enabled whole star systems to transform by holding them within my energy field. I believe that this happens often and has been happening to enable healing at a deep level. I am also being shown that women in particular usually hold energy within their bodies for people, especially the men in their  lives who have not been willing or able to process their own emotional energy. i have written an article on this that i will be sharing in the future.

We have come to a point where we will no longer healing by holding energy for people in this way. I have given channellings and energy readings to many energy practitioners and empaths, where i am being shown that we will no longer work in any way that will drain our personal energy. It will be up to practitioners to hold and retain their energy at the 5D potential as an energetic blueprint  to guide the transformation of their clients, families, friends, groups, land, locations etc etc. The time of giving energy or taking energy is coming to an end and i for one are extremely grateful for this change. I will no longer feel drained and toxic after a day of treating in the clinic or spending time with people who i am 'holding' energy for. All my energy will be my own so that i am able to self sustain and remain in the freedom of 5D. 

My third observation is what this will mean for people on a lifestyle level. As we move into 5D, we need to self sustain our energy from ourselves or straight from source. Cutting away all drains on your personal energy system and adopting lifestyles that support your energy will become essential. The practice of cutting cords is very important at this time and i recommend Bethan Carr's energy work and free course on this, available from

As the more 5D attuned people move in this and become more focussed and have good boundaries regarding their energy, something very uncomfortable might appear in our world. It will become more and more obvious who has been utilising energy that is not their own to sustain their lives and energy systems. We will see more people getting sick and becoming unstable. The people who have not taken responsibility for their own well being will no longer be able to 'steal' energy for themselves or use another as a life source. There are many people who choose to  medicate themselves with alcohol rather than do a yoga class for example, or project toxic thoughts onto others, rather than own them. Many levels and layers of abusive behaviour will be coming to the surface and more visible. Using manipulation and control to get what you want, which has been rife in the 3D will become more obvious and as a result, these 'hidden' methods will be exposed and easier to dodge. There is going to be a great deal of upheaval, but this will benefit the light workers and empaths over time as the split continues between the dimensions. 


There has never been a time on Earth before where it has been so important to look at your behaviours around energy. What gives you energy? What feeds you? What drains you? It is time to have a really close look at your jobs, friends, home, food and thinking and begin to weed out whatever brings you down. I believe that energy will become so valuable to people and we will begin to view 'health' in a more holistic way. This is all part of our process of empowerment as we move into the upgrades of our time. 

If you would like to know more or to find out how to work with me then please book in for a free call by using my diary on my booking page. 

In the meantime, i recommend a new book "judgement detox' that has been released in January by Gabby Bernstein, who wrote 'The Universe has your Back' and touches on the magic that we can tune into if we get out of the way and let the universe guide us. 

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