Delicate January

January 19, 2018


I always knew this would be a hard winter. I am privy to information from my guides and other sources from spirit that come through friends, mentors and colleagues. I follow astrology forecasts that i find deeply resonant with what is happening on the Earth Plane. We are in a time of ascension and it is a time of change. The reality here on the Earth is literally splitting into two polarities. Earth has been evolving and we are evolving with it. Many star energies and other light souls began incarnating onto Earth in physical (and non-physical) to be present for the splitting of these realities. This is like the birthing of a deep process where we all needed to be here to help and assist. It was always going to be hard. 

So with all this foresight, i listened to my intuition and increased my self care, slowed down my schedule and decided to take up daily running in the woods. I meditate daily and have a nap if i need it. I am energetically clearing and cutting cords each day and releasing any grief for the people and things that are no longer part of my life. You could ask me - 'WHY are you bothering to do all of this?' and all i can say is that this was the best way that i could think of to make use of this time. A time which is allowing me to move from one reality in the 3D into the 5D by cleaning and clearing my personal energy. I am also holding space for my children and clients to do the same. This is a huge stretch energetically as it is. Taking care of myself and having a nap is probably the best use of my energy and time right now. I am in a process and some days are easier than others. It can feel very lonely as many of the cords to old friends and situations are being severed to make space for something new. Being in the void is never easy. 

I decided to write this blog entry to share the feelings and sensations of being in the void. There is a process of purging the 3D density from the energy system, which includes the mind as well as the body. This can cause bizarre symptoms and there is a really good video by Nicky Sutton on this available on Youtube, if you click her name it will take you to the link. I agree with her thoughts on purging and rejection. Our bodies are finding ways to detox the toxic nature of the 3rd density reality, which has been present within our energetic system, mind, body, spirit from birth. This can feel pretty yukky. I am seeing a lot more colds an viruses in people and anxiety. Repetitive negative thoughts and patterns may resurface or feel very intense, even ones that you thought you had resolved or buried well. 

During a meditation i asked what the main keys were to moving through this process in a healthy way, this was the answer i received:
1. Connect daily with your Star family, where you are from. 
2. Bring in more Love
3. Self care; sleep, eat, exercise, meditate, receive massages, healing
4. Be in service

I will write a blog on each of these 4 points to help anyone going through this process. In this writing i would like to concentrate on the 4th point as i realise that i was mostly doing 1 to 3 but number 4 i had not reflected upon. I have to be honest, i have spent most of my life in service to something, i had hoped was the greater good. I chose to volunteer and work for charities, help artists and arts organisations, work in alternative medicine. I place a lot of emphasis on giving because that seemed right to me. Sadly most of the 'return' from this has not been financial gain. I have helped some wonderful people and given much but received probably less than i should. But who knows? i have no idea what the spiritual ledger looks like and these have been the choices i have made. When i began to do my energy readings i wanted to make sure that my energy was valued and 'looked after' with respect to the level i work at. i have priced myself at a rate that seems appropriate for the work i do. However, my guides are making me aware that there are plenty of people moving into the 5D and have the same experiences as me who are alone and do not have much money. Things have been hard for them in the 3D and it is essential that they make it through the 5D transition. With this in mind, i would like to fulfil one of the points of my own transition process by offering a reduction in price for readings until the Vernal Equinox, 20 March 2018. I also want to offer a free reading a week, which i will use spiritual guidance to choose the person who would most benefit from this experience. This will literally be like pulling someone from a hat, so if you are interested in this offer, please contact me via the contact page or the schedule page below. 

I wish you all love and Light on this journey. 

Blessings from Venus

Natasha Astara 

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