Clearing Dense Thought Forms

October 12, 2017

I was not sure what to title this post but i thought that maybe it was better to get straight to the point. I have spent the last two weeks working intensively on 2 buildings where thought forms have been causing problems for my clients. Initially when a client makes contact we spend some time discussing their issue and i tune in to the energy of the person and work on the guidance i receive before getting down to the practical work. My first client was complaining of a heavy head and feelings of sadness and melancholy that keep coming on strongly for no reason, there was also a background of worrying about money and lots of obstacles to her wealth. On initial scanning of her body i could detect issues in the spleen, lungs and liver that we needed to work on, ancestral energy and some energy 'interference' from outside sources. It was the outside sources that became very prevalent to my attention and i began to tune into her home, car and workplace to see what was happening in her environment. Geopathic stress can cause severe symptoms and can be a combination of different factors. I was being drawn to the top bedroom in her house where her children slept, which was literally in the eaves of the roof of the building. I was guided to ask her to pay attention when she put her children to sleep at night if the symptoms became worse. We looked at the room together on a special day visit, which is unusual for me but she was reasonably local and i was interested in the energy i had been shown that needed clearing. As i entered the room i was intensely aware of a dense fog that occupied the top half of the room. Old buildings carry energetic imprints but this was too intense to account for this and when i tuned in, the energy appeared like a severe density of thought forms. The thoughts were based on 'ill- will', 'hate' and a generally unpleasant placement of thoughts intended for harm. I was surprised as i had never experienced this in the severity it showed itself. As this is can affect the mind and the head, i did not spend long in the room and left to write down a whole list of remedies that would be required, including an energetic clearing on the client. I suggested that the children sleep in another room for 2 -3 nights to prevent them absorbing the energy. Below is a list of  inspired actions we took:
- Calling in the spirit of place to protect the building
- Salt water and crystals
- small rose quartz crystals placed in a grid formation in the room 
- Windows open for fresh air - air represents mental energy
- A special meditation into the space bringing in the colour pink and the pink ray
- Working with my client's spirit guides to clear the space and ask where they originated. 
- Protection mechanisms around my client and her children
- Overtoning in the space - Mongolian overtoning - using sound to raise vibration
- clearing my client's chakras and mental energy 

This process would need 2 to 3 days and then we would review again in 6 days. 

My clients asked me - "What is a thought form?" - I will explain this for you now. In simple terms, when we think, we create thoughts that are energetic creations with a vibration. The more energy we add to the thought, the stronger then become and they are capable of creating their own independent form. A Theosophy text describes in more detail below.

"Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, the authors of Thought-Forms, wrote that "each definite thought produces a double effect — a radiating vibration and a floating form." The radiating vibration "conveys the character of the thought, but not its subject." For example, serenity or devotion radiating from one person can stimulate similar vibrations in a nearby person who is receptive. The floating form is a strong and definite thought that has attracted energies from the mental and astral plans, and has become, for a time, a kind of independent living being."

Thought Forms can collect and cluster if they have resonance with one another. They can attract and contain an emotion or emotional element like Anger or Love. If a cluster becomes independent from the host then they can attract entities requiring energy or an energy source and work dependently on a victim or place, causing havoc and misery, if they are negative. Stagnant energy within a building or landsite can be the perfect sludgy pool for thought forms to collect but they can formulate in energetically clean homes like moths attracted to the 'light' requiring energy.

My second client had broken up with long term partner within the last six months and was struggling to stop repetitive thoughts about him, especially within her home. As i scanned her body and aura and tuned into her home, i was made aware of thought forms being sent by the ex partner. Usually these thought forms identify as the person sending them, meaning they can visually look like the person or carry their name. I worked with my client to build her defensive energy around her body and to remove any outside thought interferences. I suggested to remove all items causing memories of her ex for a period, as they had a psychic linkage between them, meaning that when she was reminded or thought of her ex, it made his thoughts easier to find her and penetrate her mental realm and trigger her emotional energy. Interestingly my guidance informed me that her ex was not processing his grief around the relationship and break up, but instead sending it to my client to process for him. This mechanism was set up by sending a thought and this would trigger a grief response in my client, therefore allowing her ex to benefit from her emotional process and feel more released. After setting up the client with more awareness of healthy boundaries, i asked for a general clearing around this and for all unprocessed grief not belonging to my client to be returned with love to the owner for ownership. 

Tips on thought forms:
- Keep your thoughts positive, bright and light - you are creating your present and future with every single one. 
- Use sunlight on the forehead if you feel swamped by thought forms from others.
- If you feel strange or odd in a place or with a person, move away from them. 
- Exercise and ground yourself by standing on earth in bare feet
- Focus on something that you love to raise your vibration - like beauty or your pet or your child. 


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