Awakening the Heart in 5D

February 27, 2018

 On Thursday 1st March we will have a Full Moon in Virgo bringing up fresh areas for release to assist in the ascension process into the New Earth Matrix. There have been a lot of unpleasant viruses going round over this winter and after having one myself i can see that i was clearing old patterns from my body. Viruses and illnesses help us to clear stagnation from the organs and cellular memory and are a time to look after yourself and kick in new levels of self care. I experienced a clearing in the lungs and it mostly concentrated on old stagnant thought forms that had been with me, perhaps for many lifetimes and needed clearing. The process of moving out of the 3D old earth matrix and in the 5D also involves an energetic clearing and upgrade. I found that i needed to energetically clear my home a lot when i was unwell, clearing away old energy and making way for the new to flow through me. Deep karmic patterns can be triggered that are no longer necessary in the new matrix. We are essentially 'spring cleaning' on  a personal and mass collective scale. 


At the moment each day has provided gifts and insights in what lies ahead. I have met many healers and light workers struggling to find balance at the moment as they are trying to leave the old matrix and begin to work within the new one. The process is interesting because it is providing insight into how we will all be working in the future in the 5D. I have made a list below:


1. Working from the Heart

2. Being in the moment FULLY - no past and no future - just the eternal moment

3. No lack  - this concept is left in the 3D

4. LOVE is absolute 

5. All life is precious - as a creation from divine source

6. Creativity is Key

7. Interdependent relationships

8. Honouring the feelings

9. Life as a celebration

10. Connecting with your Higher Consciousness and Star Energy

11. Honouring the Feminine and Masculine within everyone and ourselves


As i am from Venus and channel her energy, much of my work has been linked to the heart and love. I am deeply sensitive and have been honoured with gifts that allow me to heal the heart. This in itself has been a long journey for me and has been hard within the 3D to fully dive into this energy. The 5D has much promise to allow us all to work from the Heart and create from love. I am seeing this in our culture with the new ways of working in industries that support people, animals and mother earth. Many people are expressing the desire to create a better world, one that is more in line with who we really are and the energy of love. Shaking off the 3D will free us all to do this in our own unique and loving ways. 


I wish you all strength and love during this process. 


Divine Blessing and Light


Natasha Astara xxxx



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