Imbolc Blessings

February 1, 2018


The 1st February is Imbolc - Celtic festival of the maiden. It relates to Goddess Bridget or Bridie, who holds the white energy of the sacred eternal flame. She is a Goddess of healing and a supporter of the arts and muses. She loves poetry and can inspire you through artistic pursuits if invoked. Her colour is white and she represent innocence and the blessings of new beginnings. Her energy can be very healing for the inner child and she brings blessings for children in the  lightness of her energy. Her twin flame is Archangel Michael and i have been told that together they bring the balance of the divine feminine and masculine union. 

A beautiful tradition on Imbolc is to make a Bridie doll that represents your inner child. Decorate and care for her. Tell her your inspirations and play with her everyday, to nourish and connect with the young part of yourself. This can also be a process of healing for traumatised and denied parts of yourself from the past. The inner child holds many gifts and when denied can cause ill health and anxiety in adult life. From 1st February each year, spending 6 weeks to nourish these parts of yourself can bring change into your life. If you have been feeling stuck or stagnant Bridie can usher in fresh new energy to help you. Solutions can appear if you allow them and pay attention to her gifts and your inner wisdom. Light a white candle on Imbolc and make a wish for your future successes. 

​Speaking to the inner child can initiate a new healthier relationship with self. Many people remember wistfully how they were when they were young with more play and having more energy. That part of you is always inside of you and it is up to you to decide how much expression you will allow it to have as an adult. There is always great emphasis on 'growing up' in western culture, but remaining young inside also has merit and carries gifts for us in adult life. 


Create a gentle moment for yourself and connect with your inner child by turning off all distractions and finding a peaceful space. Light a candle and snuggle up somewhere soft for connection and safety. Use a blank notebook to write or draw with your left hand (or non-dominant hand) and see what your inner child has to say. Listen to him/her in the stillness of your mind and body, you might be surprised by what they say. 


When i was practising this connection regularly a few years ago i found out that my inner child wanted more than anything to be married and have a family. Although i already had children, i did not have a partner and i had never any conscious wish or desire to be married to anyone. I began to listen and to honour my inner child's wishes. Strangely i received two marriage proposals about 9 months, which were the first i had ever had. I feel that listening to the promptings of your child within helps with manifesting your desires and having congruence in your life. 


I wish you great creativity and blessings over the next 6 weeks. 


Bright Blessings and Love


Natasha Astara 



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