The New Way of Healing

March 2, 2018


After working as an energy healer for most of my life unofficially and 16 years officially as an Acupuncturist i am experiencing a change. I provide energy readings and guidance for other practitioners and the picture appears to be the same. For many eons we have been working one way in particular and this is now changing as we move into the 5D New Earth Matrix.


The old way of working has been to 'hold' energy for people to heal or to 'give' energy where there has been a lack. These two methods have been based on the 'give and take' system in the 3D, which is grossly out of balance. Many light workers have been using their energy to support and stabilise people, land and situations in the old matrix. It has been exhausting for many and i have witnessed burn out in many practitioners over the years. Healers often sense the need for absorbing toxicity and processing it through their system, allowing their client or loved one to heal. Animals can often do this for their owners and display symptoms of their owner's energetic imbalance long before it arises in the physical body of their human. Light workers often come from a higher vibration of understanding and i feel have met the unmet need in the 3D for balance. They have absorbed toxicity and offered their energy at a very reduced price considering the work and life force supplied. They often do this unconsciously and as part of their divine Earth Mission program. 


Women and women's bodies have also been doing this 'holding' for men and the masculine, often to their own confusion and detriment - but that is a whole new blog post to come. It has been a spirit act of love but also it has been open to abuse and exploitation. 


So i for one am pleased to be seeing a change occurring in how we will all be working in the 5D. At present, many healers and light workers are cutting ties with old patterning to enable them to shift their energy into a 'clear' space. There will be a letting go of the old paradigm of 'giving' your energy to situations to be used. This will stop the relentless consumption of healthy energy into those that refuse to care take their own energy and look after themselves. It will affect many of those in the 3D who are unconscious of their lack and ability to draw off 'good' energy from others without generating their own for their own use. Many many people will become sick over the next decades and i feel we will see a rise in people seeking to learn about looking after themselves. This process is essentially for their own ascension process  and personal empowerment. It is required and long overdue. 


I have been shown that many healings will occur in a different way to before. As there will be very little 'transference' of energy between the healer and the patient, it will begin to look more like radiance and resonance, to help wake up the radiance and resonance within the less healthy body to create healing. The healer will just need to be PRESENT and with their own energy intact and healthy to have a healing EFFECT on the patient. Some people are already working this way and have been for sometime. They will have good boundaries and often have the masculine structure in their energy field intact. However, there have been many light workers and healers, particularly with more feminine and empathic energy that have held more porous ways of working, where they have been absorbing. They have also been subject to relationship dynamics where their energy has been 'used' by others. On a higher consciousness they have done this at a soul level because of love and the desire to stabilise an unstable system on earth. However, the New Matrix does not require energy or for people to work this way anymore.


In general i see more healers carrying healthy energy which is unique to them and holding spaces where people can heal by being in the presence of healthy energy and a healthy energetic blueprint. Everyone is unique and each healer or light worker holds a frequency that is required on Earth. This way of working will be based around BEING and will bring into alignment the idea that we will be effectively doing nothing but being ourselves in the full radiance of ourselves as energetic star beings. 


I wish you all love and light on this journey.

Love and Bright Blessings 


Natasha Astara


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