Drawing Out the Old

March 6, 2018


There can be no doubt that there has been a lot of letting go over the past 12 months. This winter has been particularly deep in drawing out old wounding and hidden deep unconscious energy. The speeding up of Earth Ascension process as the New Matrix is forming and crystallising has been pushing out all that has been hidden and concealed. We are in a time of uncovering the complex mess of toxicity that has kept us stuck and trapped within a 3D matrix. This process can be very uncomfortable, as it brings up emotions and energy blocks that perhaps we have no knowledge of and do not understand the experience that is happening. I have noticed that this has been a very bad winter for viruses, a sign that people are trying to clear out from their cellular memory and the pain held in the emotional body. This really has been a winter of being still and almost in permanent meditation to contact the higher energies and expand. There has been a great deal of energetic turbulence for people sensitive to it. 


My own experience is showing me that there is a drawing out of the deep wounding that is no longer part of the conscious self and the new crystalline matrix. It would be an obstacle to operating effectively within the new earth matrix and 5D energy. It may have always been a block to wholeness and effective light work, but the energies present at this time may have been what we were waiting for to help us to shift it fully, once and for all. 

Regularly i am encountering very evolved souls incarnated on the Earth Plane in this life time. These are very knowledgable and evolved beings that have been around on this planet and many other existences for countless lifetimes. There is a great deal of positive power down here waiting to be unleashed. These souls have been stabilising this process for all of us and helping to install the new energies here on Earth. They have also been struggling and there has been a great deal of suffering, as the process of functioning within the 3D and the ascension process is bringing up a lot of old wounding. It is a double edged process, to have the opportunity to experience and release this wounding so that we can allow in more light and wholeness to ourselves. This process is like a cumulative detox of the 3D through our own bodies and minds. 


Triggers for lifetimes in Ancient Eqypt, Atlantis, Mesopotania are surfacing, amongst many others, for people. We are really getting to the deep core of the wounding and what has been splitting the heart/soul and inhibiting the flow of love into ourselves. The 'not good enough' pattern is breaking up as we begin to see and experience the truth of who we really are beneath the masking of the 3D matrix energy. As i work more on the 'not good enough' pattern within myself and my clients, i am noticing a strong pattern of GUILT. A great deal of the light workers i engage with are expressing a deep concern that they are 'wrong', 'guilty', 'bad', 'evil'. I have been helping them clear implants linked to keeping them stuck within this pattern. Many implants have been installed during past lives and existences are now being revealed for clearing. There has also been evidence of light workers being blamed and scapegoated in past existences and they carry huge amounts of guilt, shame and remorse for what has happened. When i look deeper into these situations i am noticing that there may have been a great deal of manipulation, mind control and the use of substances to control individuals. I notice that the 'power over' paradigm is rife in the 3D and has resulted in a great deal of manipulation, control, mind control, entrapment and loss of free will. 


It is probably the worst thing for a light worker to begin to see things that they may have done 'wrong' in past lives. For myself and many others, we spend lifetimes repaying the karmic debt and making the amends we need to make. Sometimes we get stuck in this process as we cannot possibly forgive ourselves for doing something wrong. This can be made worse by the constant attraction of people who reinforce the belief that we are 'wrong' or 'bad'. I would suggest if you are in a situation that is attracting this from people, then this is abusive to your spirit and soul and you need to leave it as soon as possible. You are not attracting it because you are 'bad' - you are attracting it because you are feeling bad about yourself and it is allowing other people to offload their shame on you. It is a projection of their own pain and not something you deserve or payment for what you did wrong. I had the experience of a women's circle in Glastonbury, where the teacher chose to offload and project her own story on me with the help of many others and perhaps another 20 women who sat silent and watched. It was deeply painful for me and it has taken a lot of healing with many healers to come to the point of acceptance where i realise that these people were lost in their own deep need to escape their own wrong doings in the lifetimes that came up. It was much easier to 'dump' it on me and i took it because i had a deep rooted guilt that i had done something wrong. Now, as my heart is healing and the wounds of old times are surfacing, i see that this has been nothing but a mechanism to control me and prevent me from rising. When someone believes that they are 'wrong' on a very deep level, it is hard to unite the heart and love. My strength is through my heart, which i believe to be true of many light workers and healers. I have no desire for the 'power over' someone else, i seek unification of my heart and power through it. Thats true empowerment and wholeness for me. It is noticeable that so much wounding would prevent that and has been perpetuated in the 3D, sometimes through the most surprising of sources. All i would say to you is that if a teacher, guru, workshop facilitator is not perpetuating love and forgiveness then they are working through their own energy of power, so beware (!)


This is a time of forgiveness and creating more lightness in the heart. Allow the wounds to surface and to heal. Cry, breathe, release. Phone a friend. Seek counsel from wise sources who are in their hearts. Its time to clear out this cupboard so we can truly become who were are and start living in the 5D with grace. 


Blessings to you on this journey


Natasha Astara 


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