Toxic Roots - Ancestral Energy

March 10, 2018


Today has been an Earth clearing day and i have been accessing and clearing the root chakra and the Earth Star Chakra (the one below your feet). At the last full moon i began to release a very old past life and it has been a week or so of clearing very old patterning and releasing old old negative lifetimes. This clearing has enabled me now to go deeper and begin the delayering process of accessing what was compacted beneath those lifetimes. In the roots there is a great deal of toxicity for people linked with the old Earth Matrix and the 3D energy. At this point i have to say my guidance is making me aware of how we  have assisted in creating the patterning in the old Earth Matrix over lifetimes here on Earth. There has also been a great amount of external interference but we have also contributed to it through incarnations. That can be a very hard thing for light beings to acknowledge and accept, i know because i am one of them and i have great pain if i feel i have done something that caused harm, but this is also part of the Ascension process. It is now time to release the old toxicity with consciousness so that we can hold the responsibility we need for working in the New Earth Matrix. This matrix is being formed and consolidated and we need to know how to work within in with consciousness and love. Indeed, i feel these are the access keys for getting there and working within that 5D field so its time to clear up our act. This is a time of great clearing. The whole winter has been about clearing and we have been experiencing illness and emotion in the extremes as this goes on within and around us. There are some that are not experiencing anything and i wonder what that is about but my guidance assures me that this is the path we are on into the 5D and not to doubt the process. 


Ancestral energy is a tricky one to deal with. It would be quite easy to say to oneself that it does not exist and it doesn't have an affect on you. I am sorry but this is incorrect and the fact that our DNA has been passed on and on over generation to generation means that we carry IN OUR BODIES the lives and processes of our ancestors. We also carry it in our energetic field. I have done many clearings on my own Liver and i can confirm we carry it in our own organs too. All this energy stuff comes through the body and can express itself as strength or illness. Clearing it energetically will increase your health, wealth and happiness. You will feel better for it and so will your off spring. YES - it all passes down the family line. If you do not manage to clear things up for yourself in your lifetime then you pass it on. Energy cannot be destroyed only converted into a different form, and this is what happens over and over. We can choose to learn from it and transmute it into love and forgiveness or we can let it fester and become illness. It is the creative and destructive cycle. Are we going to create or destroy? How about we choose to destroy what no longer works and create what does. We can have this opportunity to start afresh in the new Earth Matrix with 5D energy but first we need to detox the old. 


It might be hard to understand how we can carry the misdeeds or misalignments of our ancestors but i feel that we come in Love to our family tree and our work is about healing and learning from the patterns that have gone before us. It is important to remember that great wisdom and evolvement of the soul comes from the experience of working through these patterns. Family tree patterns can also give us great gifts as well as obstructions, but working through the obstructions allows us to release energy. There is great power in releasing blocked energy and this can be used for your wellbeing and for the wellbeing of you entire family - those that have gone before you and those that come after. The scared thread holds you all together in love and these healings help to strengthen and purify the DNA for all of you. So mostly, i recommend you do this work in LOVE and ask for help and guidance. There are some good practitioners doing this work to and i will list them at the end, who , in addition to myself, can provide help and relief. This is the time to do this work now and we all need to stop avoiding it because it can be uncomfortable and icky and just transform it through love. 


I have done a Youtube transmission for anyone who would like to experience this for free. You can use it as often as you need and i am happy to gift it to you. 



If you would like to work with me please look at my website and book a call. 


Other wonderful practitioners doing ancestral healing work are listed below who work online and in workshops: 


Sarai  -

Sarai does wonderful work on Expectant mothers to help them clear ancestral patterns befor their baby incarnates again - San Fransisco 


Jasmin Schober Howarka

Brilliant constellation work linking in past lives  - Europe


Jill Purce

UK based wonderful practitioner using sound and chanting. Holds Healing the Ancestors workshop weekends. 



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