Rewriting the Past

March 28, 2018

 In this intense period where the Planet Mercury is Retrograde until the 15th April 2018 and we are having the opportunity to revisit, review and rewrite some deep soul memory records. This energy is being rocket fuelled with the addition of the fire of spring time from the spring equinox and the period of Jupiter retrograde bringing the focus to relationships and expansion. Many lightworkers are trying to shed the layers that keep us stuck in the 3rd Dimensional reality in this time period. We are literally trying to STEP OUT of time and into the new creative space of the 5th Dimension, the movement into the heart and out of the distorted mind. 


I use the words 'distorted mind' in reference to the mindsets, beliefs and patterns that have kept us stuck in the 3D. As i have been writing my book 'I am from Venus', i have been channeling information from the Hathors, my starfamily, regarding the origins of distortion of the mind on planet Earth. There have been outside forces and influences which have created patterns of disempowerment for humans based on mind control and manipulation. Most of these patterns are easily identifiable once we begin to look at ourselves through the lense of love. All that is not love becomes the illusion and distortion of the mind. The ultimate aim is to return to the diamond mind. A mind where light is reflected and love is validated and returned in its entirety, without distortion. Some people have been incarnated as soul reflectors and can reflect the truth of the soul in its entirety but keeping this instrument clear has been very difficult within the density of the 3D. But i digress - this Blog post is about our unwinding and rewriting of time. 


During the retrograde period we have the opportunity to revisit our patterns. The universe will be bringing to you triggers that help you to recount and remember past lives where your patterns have originated or situations/people/places where the patterns have been perpetuated. You will have this time period to recount and review. This is also an opportunity to dissolve the karmic patterning and step out of the timeline causing them. 


Why is this important?

In recent years a great deal of attention has been placed on the Law of Attraction, of which i am a big fan because it speaks to my truth around creation and instant manifestation. My soul energy is geared up and programmed for the 5th Dimension, where we will be able to create effortlessly and soulfully. Sadly much of my life has been encased in the deep disappointment and disillusionment of not being able to fully activate into my soul programming of this process. A typical situation would be that the attraction would be manifesting in my physical world and then it would stop, stutter, block and then disappear. In my 20's this would send me into depression, in my 30's despair and now in my 40's - who knows - i am beginning to get wise to a flawed system that is missing some vital components. Correction - The law of attraction is a universal truth acting in a flawed distorted density - its amazing anything happens at all. BUT now it is happening - and the movement in the 5D is going to change all this. We are literally going to step out of the time lines that keep us fixed in this density of distortion. 


This week i have been receiving further guidance from my star family on how we can help this process which coincided with information from Meg Benedicte's Youtube Video on a talk she gave in Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo in 2016. In this talk she answered a question on the direction of spinning the Merkaba which is anti clockwise. I had always been taught that we need to spin the layers both anti and clockwise, which was the question posed by the astute audience member but Meg replied that we need to spin anti clockwise to come out of the karmic time line. This resonated with me and when i first learnt about the merkerba and flower of life breathing in the 1990's we were probably not faced with the inception of the new matrix as we are now and the moments of activating into the 5D, it was still be built and we were probably working another level of movement towards it. This clarity has helped me to download another part of the ascension process to share. 


On my Youtube channel i will sharing a meditation on how to use the anti clockwise movement to unravel and rewrite your trauma time line. Essentially trauma from past lives keeps us stuck in a memory pattern which has strands linked to emotions, mindsets, beliefs, people and places. It then affects our ability to stay in the heart and manifest as we were programmed to do by source. If these patterns were positive then we would not experience a problem and our creations would be manifesting. However, many of these patterns are disempowering patterns for our original star coding. They are blockers of divine creativity. They block the flow and keep  us stuck. They are disharmonious to our resonance and like untuned instruments we bellow and squeak rather than form the music of the spheres as we were intended at our moments of creation.  I will list below a method for your use. If you work with me 1:1 i will be utilising Venus and unconditional love to help you heal patterns at a multidimensional level but you will be able to do this yourself and i encourage you to explore this in your own safe space. 


1. Create and align in your own safe space as you would if you were meditating. 

2. Call in your highest guides and the Ascended masters, Angels, Goddess, Gods that you feel aligned to. 

3. Breathe into your heart and send a grounding cord down in the the NEW EARTH MATRIX ( be specific on this unless your guides tell you not to* - Send a star cord up to your star family, planet, constellation - so you are connected between 'Heaven and Earth'

4. Relax and in your minds eye - your third eye and crown, focus on the person, feeling, place that has been brought to your attention as a trigger during this period. Try not to get caught up in the pattern that you will begin to feel linked to this - instead - ask to see the pattern

5. I witness the pattern as a code that is like a star code - but this is how i see things - like a computer pattern of shapes and numbers with images and pictures. I can see timelines and have worked with people on this but you may have your own visual language - trust it. In the coding i begin to unwind it anti clockwise and begin to see space opening in the code. I am literally opening it up like a Catherine wheel  - seeing sparks and energy being released as i do so. 

6. I consciously send love and forgiveness into the pattern as i unwind it. I focus words such as FREEDOM Kindness and compassion into the space created and around the pattern. I watch it unwinding.

7. At the core  begin to rewrite the situation in a way that is healing it. If it is a betrayal or a bad break up - see the event changing so that the ending was balanced and peace was achieved. Do this at the core of the pattern. Keep focusing on love and ask your guides to do the rest. Surrender with love if you find yourself reacting or resisting. There may be layers to this - so if you reach a certain point and cannot shift it anymore then relax and come out of it - give it time and ask your guides to work it for you. Next time you go in then you will be able to shift it. You might need more learning or help around it but it will happen eventually. If you need more help get another perspective or a multi- dimensional healer to help.(i can recommend practitioners for this)

8. See the whole pattern dissipating into light and your mind beginning to resonate at the Diamond Frequency. Connect it down into your heart and fill your heart matrix with forgiveness and love -your true frequency. 

9. Come back to yourself and ground. 

10. Thank yourself for your good work and thank all the souls involved - who should all be released from this pattern as well. They will need to do their own work on this but that is no longer your concern. Thank your guides and higher beings for their love and help. 


* i say this because some people will still be working in the old matrix and maybe performing two way healing into this space. 


After this process, drink plenty of water, relax and see what occurs. Repeat whenever you get a trigger - this will keep you very busy until 15th April. This is a time for accessing this information and being able to release it easily. Make the most of it. 


If you would like to work with me please book using the online schedule.

I will be posting the meditations in my facebook group  and on my Youtube channel if you would like to use it. 


Love and Light Blessings on your Ascension Journey. 


Natasha Astara





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