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April 2, 2018

I have been on the spiritual circuit for more than a few decades and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine for 16 years and there a few things to take note of that are coming up as important in the 5D transition. 


  1. Heal the present life Wounding in your body

  2. Clear Past life trauma from the body

  3. Clearing Ancestral energy from the body - helping to clear Tribal, family and collective consciousness patterns

  4. Generate energy from your own soul and source connection

  5. Keep yourself clear of parasitic entities

  6. Stay away from predatory people, energy and entities. 


The body is your home for this life time and it is very important to inhabit it and fully incarnate your soul energy into the physical. Part of this process will encounter and tackle all or some of the 5 issues listed above. We are entering a key time in the transition process for anchoring into the 5D and looking after your body, energy, soul and mind is key. There is a huge clearing process going on in the Earth’s field and this is an opportunity to make use of these super speed frequencies to also clean up our own fields and physical presence. 


One of the issues i commonly see is using spiritual work like meditation as a way of escaping the physical world and physical body. I have experienced this myself as for much of my life i have had to work on the issues that have kept me out of my own body. I have had ​multiple difficulties GROUNDING my energy - I could write a whole book on this subject but in this blog i will summaries in a nutshell - grounding is the process of sending your energy through all your lower chakras into Mother Earth like tree roots so that you can give and receive energy through your ‘roots’. If you are not GROUNDED and have difficulty grounding you will have a variety of different symptoms including:


Feeling insecure/unsafe/fearful

difficulty manifesting into the physical

not feeling accepted on Earth or with people/groups/family/tribes

Abandonment issues/ Disconnection from self

Feeling stuck/exhausted/depressed/Racing thoughts/anxiety/difficulty sleeping

Headaches/inflammation/swollen feet/problems in the feet/ankles/legs and head 

Floating/Sensation of floating/flakey/indecisive

Tiredness/Exhaustion/Major symptoms of Fatigue


If your spirit is not able to root into your body it is a like having the most sensitive part of you out of the safety of your home, on display and vulnerable to the world in all its forms. It is similar to putting your most prized possessions in the open, unsecured and your home open to any intruder or energy that wishes to squat in it. It isn’t sensible to do this and sometimes sensitive light workers have to fight to be in their own body but it is essential that we clear our ‘homes’ and inhabit them so that no one else does. 


One of the reasons that this has been difficult up until now is because we have been forced to ground into an old earth matrix which has been a toxic 3D energy and not in alignment with the frequency of our energy programming. It has enhanced and made worse the toxic energy in our bodies and has been deeply unappealing to consciously connect with. Luckily one of the changes happening as the new matrix is being consolidated is that this matrix is clean, clear and activated to a crystalline frequency, which is much more in alignment to our soul frequencies. It will be like dipping into a pool of refreshing balanced energy rather than a cess pit of toxicity. This needs to be done consciously  and with intention when you meditate or do your daily grounding practice. I can help you with this in a session if you need it - just book a call with me. Once grounding into the energy, we can begin to tackle the list of other reasons i listed at the top of this blog as to what keeps you out of your body and why we need to get back into it. 


Heal the present life wounding in your body - This is the process of communicating with the wholeness of yourself present in your body. This includes working on with experienced practitioners of your choice on what has affected you  in this life, from birth to present day. If you have left something unhealed then it will never be healed and the trauma will make your body uncomfortable to be in until you find a way to bring it peace.


Clear Past life trauma from the body- Your body is made out of DNA, which means that every cell in your body holds the memory of your soul including your past incarnations on the planet or others. You human body will particularly hold the resonance and memory of any trauma that has occurred on the human body and has been unhealed or caused a scar to your soul. More often than not, wounding in this present life is a trigger for past life wounds that need to be healed and therefore it is important to work on this present life wounding first and gain access to the deeper compacted layers with a safe practitioner/energy worker. 


Clearing Ancestral energy from the body- Your DNA is a map of your heritage and family line. It also provides access to collective groups, families and tribal culture. Constellation therapists work on the concept that we hold the 7 previous generations of our ancestry in our energy and physical body which can cause issues and problems if the patterns or traumas have not been resolved by the family members in their lifetimes. It can be difficult to inhabit your body if it is a junk yard of your Ancestors unexpressed grief or rage. This could result in feeling angry or sad when you inhabit your body and you do not know why. This does affect your joy and success in your present life and can be more difficult to identify as you may not always be aware of who your ancestors were or how they lived their lives. There are some very good practitioners working on clearing ancestral energy to help you. Connect with them.


Generate energy from your own soul and source connection - The clearer your energy and connection to your body, the easier it is to feel good and get your energy from your source. When all your chakras and meridians are healthy, you will feel the power and strength within you as a feeling of health. Connection with source as nature, your soul family, God/Goddess/Source, will bring you energy. Love is the key and self love is your fuel to keep healthy. Many people have addictions to substances or people outside of themselves in western culture, creating co-dependent relationships. If you have to rely on a substance or person for your energy then you need to start cleaning up your own connection with your body, soul and source energy. As we move into 5D energy will become less available in the 3D and making sure you are ‘off grid’, meaning generating your own is key. 


Keep yourself clear of parasitic entities - If you are not fully in your body then other entities and energy seeking a home will find one in your body. This is happening all the time. Your human body is a source of energy that can be utilised by entities that do not have bodies and cannot generate their own energy. They will suck up your life force and leave you drained, fed up and tired. Some of these can hook into wounding from past lives and unhealed wounding from your present life. They can also love substances like alcohol or  anything that disconnects you further from your body, as there is more room for them to enjoy at your expense. Its your body, so look after it. Regular daily clearing is recommended and a monthly clearing with a skilled practitioner is also a very good idea for the stubborn parasites that have been there a long time or have connected into ancestral/past life wounds and patterns. 


Stay away from predatory people, energy and entities - Your body and soul is a VERY attractive proposition to a predator. Most predatory entities, energies or people seek to own, control and manipulate a source of energy that they are unable to generate themselves. As most of our soul energy is in the form of Love, as the source of conscious creative energy, it is impossible for predatory entities to generate this for themselves.They crave it like bees crave nectar. There is a lot written in psychology about predatory people. I suggest educating yourself on abusive relationships or behaviour so that you can spot predators and people wanting to use YOU as an energy source rather than generating their own. They are all dangerous and can be found on a spectrum from sucking your energy to messing with your mind, to make you easier to control. Like the predator in the jungle, they use methods to weaken you so that you cannot fight back and leave as they consume you. Spot the red flags and stay away from these situations - Your vital health depends on it. 


Over the next few years we will begin to see the 5th Dimension becoming more apparent in our daily realities. Light workers will be unplugging from the 3D and moving into a faster energetic frequency. To active the Merkaba and Diamond light vehicle of your energy, you will need to have removed all heavy dense 3D energy as this will only hinder you. Your body is the map to doing this work. Indeed, your body is the temple of activation for this work. This is a time to engage yourself in the clearing processes required. Find energy practitioners who resonate with you and begin the journey. If you already have regular energy clearing i would suggest using your intuition to find different modalities of healing, as there are some healers working on the physical e.g. acupuncture, shiatsu, massage, but also many working on different dimensional levels to help clear the non- psychical. Clear the mind and heal trauma with psychology work. There are many many ways to heal and practitioners to help you in this process. I feel this is one of the reasons why so many wise souls have incarnated and trained in these modalities at this time on Earth. We are doing a mass clearing and everyone in a body is part of it. 


If you would like to work with me please book a 1:1  session.


I can also make recommendations for other practitioners working at a safe and heart centred level if you book a free 10 min call or send an email to


Blessings on your journey in the 5D. 


Natasha Astara 



Below are some links to Original Earthling Grounding products which i use occasionally to help me ground and can be really good after flights and travel. They are also good for inflammation and i have clients report improvement to inflamed  parts and i have also had relief when i had an inflamed sacroiliac joint - which was a blessing ! 


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