Many Blessings

April 6, 2018

 Yesterday i walked into the lounge and it felt particularly bright and light. My Mother was sitting on the sofa stroking the head of my youngest daughter who was recovering from a stomach bug. My Mum had lit a candle on the table and opened the windows so a soft breeze was moving through the space. "I am concentrating on positivity and blessings" she said to me. What a wonderful Mum i have i thought and sat down in the space to literally soak up the goodness being generated. 


This Ascension process is hard work. The last few months has been like shovelling the deepest layers of traumatic past lives, betrayals, ill will, sadness, loneliness and all sorts of other unpleasant feelings. I have been disconnecting parasitic energies, entities and a range of people, places and unknown thought forms from my chakras. I have woken every morning wondering what the beejeezus i am going to be dealing with today. I have been asking my guides - when will this peak and break through? The answer is foggy, which worries me. I have a good friend who reminds me to 'EXPAND MORE' and this is helpful. I have another who reminds me that i am just clearing lots of stuff from an eternity of 3D, it will pass. 


Then the answer came, and i knew it was a choice. Yes i am clearing, and yes it is pretty mucky down here in the coal mines of my soul, where i am going with the light shining into the roots. It is stagnant and needs to be broken up just like the old matrix around the Earth's crust, it breaks and lets the light through (in and out). I am doing the same. 


But how do i stay positive in these circumstances, which at times has felt so dark, i  have wondered what happened to all the effortless positivity i used to have. How can i continue to shine when even my light has gone on the dim setting? The answer is actually very simple - BLESSINGS. An automatic uplighter on a tricky day.


During my Priestess of Avalon training, we would walk on the land around Glastonbury, which is considered to be the body of the Lady of Avalon by Priestesses of Avalon. When we reached 3 way crossings or special parts of the land, we scattered rose petals, flowers, incense, salt onto the land as blessings. We spoke prayers into the wind, the sacred springs and the land. Goddess bless Glastonbury for there is so much magic in the land there. Tangible magic, you can feel it in the air and on your skin. I feel blessed just to do the blessings there. 


Many religious and sacred places are magnets for blessings and this i believe retains the energy at these places. It renews it. If we consider that all things are energy, then the idea of renewable energy is like the electricity we use in our homes. We can use a renewable source, which we can contribute to by using solar panels on our homes, or we can draw off a finite source, that will run out one day. I believe that creating positive energy is up to us in every moment, as contributing to a renewable source. We can create blessings in our daily lives with our intentions. We can choose to put love into all the parts of our homes, our offices, our supermarkets, our lives. One aspect i love about food shopping in Abu Dhabi is that the fruit is presented with such care and beauty. It appears as if everyone has been carefully positioned, honoured and blessed. It makes me hungry for its nourishment and makes me feel creative. Sadly i have not witnessed much of this in the UK, in Asda or Tesco, which i try to avoid if i can. 


Ascending into the 5D is about lifting our vibrations. There has been a great deal of work on mind sets and thinking positively which is truly wonderful at shifting these old patriarchal limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck. I would like to expand on this with suggesting that we use blessings - intentionally and everyday. I loved Danielle La Porte's suggestion in her book 'White Hot Truth' to dedicate your yoga postures to 'grieving parents' for one day. Yes. Lift the vibration of all that we do by lifting the level of our intentions and offering our goodwill to others. The 3D has been full of ILL WILL, i should know, i have been clearing so much of it from my energy matrix, it is sticky stuff! Light workers are good at creating good will, they are programmed that way. Offering goodwill to the world in the form of blessings is where the diamond mind can connect with and reflect the love of the heart. Each blessing is putting light back into the darkness. Somehow i hope that light goes to the places and the people who might be struggling at this time and might need some light to guide their way, to pay their rent and restore their soul. 


Good will, blessings, good intentions create healthy chi. Healthy energy that our bodies and minds can respond to positively, creating good health and wellness. I believe it is the vibration of nature and helps us all to stay in equilibrium. A small blessing from your soul on the water in your tap, will be carried to the sewers and the sea. It is one blessing that wasn't there before. It is a blessing that will attract more blessings. Your water may taste better and there may be many other positive effects that you will never know. But the world will be a better place because of your blessing.


A blessing will cost you nothing but your loving intention and a moment of your time. 


I would love to hear your blessings - please comment below if you have any stories to share. 


Wishing you many blessings, love and light on your journey


Natasha Astara xxx



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