Connecting with Your Star Family

April 11, 2018

 We are rapidly shifting into the 5th Dimension and there are some signs of this coming through with the rapidity that we are now able to access patterns and blocks that are dissonant with our soul energy. I have been amazed at the ease of which past lives can be healed and disentangled. The past 3 months have been like a speed track for healing and uncovering lost parts of the soul. Healing has never been so quick or easy. 


The past 3-6 months have also been marked by the stagnancy and turbulence bouncing us all around energetically as the Earth has been breaking up the crust of the old matrix and releasing pockets of toxic energy. A huge clearing has been happening on the Earth plane and carrying with it lots of parasitic energies and dark disincarnate entities. It has been a veritable rollercoaster of energy transformation and upgrading. 


I have been talking to a good friend who is an energy worker (  and we were discussing some of the problems that people are experiencing at the moment on the Earth plane. There seems to be a lack of flow happening - especially financial flow. Lots of delays, postponements and general stagnancy. My friend suggested we are in the transition state between 3D and 5D, which is causing problems for focus and manifestation. Most lightworkers like myself have found ways to generate income in the 3D, but as we shift and align with our soul mission and integrity, these ways of generating income are no longer in alignment for some people in the 5D. To shift into the 5D we have to align with the integrity of our hearts, which also aligns with our soul mission. We cannot fake this. In the 3D you could fake a great deal of stuff, especially if it keeps you out of your integrity, because that matrix is all about having power over you and it can only do that if you are weak and out of alignment. I shudder to think how many incredible artists, musicians, writers, designers were kept out of alignment working in the wrong job so that they could not expand into their soul mission here on Earth. So, this is our journey at the moment, to move from one way of being to another. This is like puberty or any tricky stage in human transition - its going to be confusing and sometimes painful, but at some point we will  pop out the other end and find our feet again. 


My guidance has been telling me that we need to connect more with our Star Families to help us through this period. Our Star Families are the energies who are programmed like we are on a unique frequency that we can resonate with. Just like you share your DNA with your Earth Families, your Star Family help to resonate with your star frequency and wake it up within your Heart matrix and your cellular memory. I believe your Star Family are a huge resource that we can tap into during this very tricky period in Earth's evolution. They are waiting up there for this and they want to help. They will help you expand into the person you were meant to be, living from your soul energy and integrity of your heart. They can remind you of what you may have forgotten and strengthen what you remember. It can get pretty lonely down here on the Earth plane so why not call home now and again. 


I have recorded a meditation to help you with this connection and if you join my facebook group, this will be available for free. If you join my email list i will be sending this out to my members next month. 


If you would like to work with me, i am introducing a new 30 minute session to help you connect with your star energy, please book through my website. 


I wish you all love and light on this journey of Ascension and healing. 



Natasha Astara 


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