LOVE - The Shift into 5D

April 14, 2018


'Love is the Food, The Fuel and the Answer'


How do you control  the most beautiful beings on Earth?

You take away their ability to receive love. 


How do you make them weak and keep them in struggle?

You take away their ability to see their beauty and wholeness clearly, so they don't believe that they deserve love. 


Over time - they give up. 


Job Done.


The SHIFT is a returning to LOVE. Giving and receiving Love with the fullness of your being - your heart and mind as vessels of the divine. You are LOVE. You have always been Love and this will not change no matter how much you hate yourself or deceive yourself. Deception and self deception has been a fantastic tool to keep you weak and unable to see yourself clearly. It leads to self loathing, self hate, self attack, inner conflict and unwellness. If we no longer believe that we deserve love then we cut off the supply from source and from others. Our hearts become sad and close, our minds become desperate and cold, our bodies become unwell and our spirits disconnect from source. It is the greatest LIE that has ever been told and has kept us all enslaved for centuries - life times, timelines, ancestral lines of pain. It separates us from ourselves, from source, from each other and we play out the conflict. We play out the inner and outer war - which further weakens us and creates more fragmentation and separation. It goes deep to the core. Believe me I KNOW. It has been my primary pattern - to move from self hate to self love. To transform self destruction to self creation. Love is the answer and it always has been.


If you want to unplug from the 3D you need to shift something - a perception - an understanding - a belief about who you are and what you have come here to be. Tuning into 5th Dimensional energy requires the heart matrix to open and your energy to become open to Love. You will need to clear your energy of all draining outside factors and clear your mind of self limiting beliefs about yourself. In that SPACE of clarity - you can begin to tune into yourself and start to CREATE  the vision of who you are and who you are born to be. YOU are a creator - whether you like it or not - YOU create everything about your life and yourself. All you have to do is LISTEN and TUNE into yourself - the soul self. It has ALL the answers you will every need. Then you need to listen to it as if you were listening to GODDESS/GOD and all the Angels themselves - and FILL YOURSELF WITH LOVE. 


YES - Come COMPLETELY into the present MOMENT and FILL YOURSELF with LOVE. That is exactly what you need in every moment - in every shift.




The rest will sort itself. 


You were created in the Divine blueprint of the creative source. YOU ARE LOVE. Thats what you Tune into for resonance. For your Truth - for YOUR POWER. 


This is how to SHIFT into 5D. 


So much love to you on this journey 


Natasha Astara




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