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May 2, 2018

 As a starlight ignitor, one of my gifts is to illuminate people's star energy. My energy acts like a resonator to awaken and encourage the vibrations of ones star energy within your energy matrix and cells of the body. I have formed the seed of a group called Lioness to gather women together who would like to become or already are entrepreneurs to form a community. This is a group with a difference to the usual intentional entrepreneurs we get on the internet. There are many brilliant life coaches and business coaches on the internet who work wonders with the practical everyday process of building a business. I love these wonderful women and i hope that many of them will come and join Lioness and provide their support and service to the members. We do need to build a lineage of helping and assisting each other and enlisting support from the right people is vital. 


The Lioness group is a supportive vessel encouraging women to bring their creativity through the heart and into the world.



- Encourage creativity through love and play

- TO LOVE YOUR WORK and follow your flow

- To align with your SOUL work here through your heart

- To align and draw from your Star source and star family vibration 

- TO empower women through their feminine energy

- To help other women birth their unique career



- Align with your Heart - To express LOVE through your work

- To Care for and show respect for MOTHER EARTH and all her inhabitants


- To Support each other with the knowledge that empowering others is good for all. 

- To work on a high positive vibrational frequency in all we do

- To reinvest some profit/time in projects/activism/charities/organisations that support the welfare of the Earth and her inhabitants. 


What Will we be doing in this GROUP?

I will be releasing content on how to get in alignment with your star frequency and heart regularly on Youtube and the facebook group. We will be looking at HOW to unearth your wonderful ideas and then how to BIRTH them into the physical world in the shape of a business. We will then begin the process of laying foundations for a business, gaining confidence and all the steps needed to create this idea. We will also consider the need for heart alignment as you grow your business and how to make big career jumps from each level of your growth. Members of the group will offer their expertise and encouragement to each other and i will hold meditations and sessions to help us all maintain alignment with the vibrational frequency of the soul for clarity. We will be working with Diamond Ray energy and the LOVE  frequency of the Planet VENUS. The Goddess Sekmet will also be assisting the group and providing a vessel for feminine power through the Heart. 


We will also be focusing on alignment and bringing your energy into the 5th Dimension level of manifestation. The group will be aligning with new ideas and energy - where all fixed beliefs systems and fixed mindsets will be redundant and unwelcome as we align to the new possibilities of the energy we generate through alignment with our heart and soul energy. 


If you would like to know more about this, please contact me and join the group


This is a link to the first YouTube video discussing FEELINGS and how important they are in accessing your Truth and the work that you LOVE and are designed to do. Please subscribe to the channel and keep in the loop. I need you to get involved and be part of helping bring feminine power through the Heart, Soul and Mind. 


Light Blessings 


Natasha Astara 

1:1 Sessions are available - please go to my booking pages.

If you join the Lioness group i will give you 25% discount on my services IN ADDITION to all the free content we will be sharing in the group. 




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