Moving Through Fear and Into Creativity in the 5D

June 19, 2018

If someone said ascension was going to be easy i would have agreed with them a few years ago. What could be more easy than returning to your light form and your innate programming? How could it be anything but simple and straightforward. I can see now that i was looking at things with very simple rose tinted glasses, possibly my favourite kind. I had no idea how hard it would be to strip off the layers of the 3D and try to upgrade into 5D. When i look at it now with more personal experience of this process rather than just theoretical, the actual living of this has been a way to bring me into some sort of reality and perhaps not one i wish to be in. As we move into the 5D energy, the 3D matrix and fear patterns are surfacing from within and outside of me. I am met daily with levels of fear, doubt, procrastination and my own (and others) resistance. Maybe this has always been going on in the 3D but i just choose to pick another situation or friend to talk to. I isolated into 'safe' spaces which resonated with me and helped me to remain positive. At the moment, there feels like there are no 'safe' spaces. All the pleasures i have enjoyed before are feeling like dead cardboard.


So this is the thing. In the 5D we will be enhancing our creativity. The creative power we hold within each of us is divine and part of our soul light. Every moment of life in all its forms is creating. As part of life we are also creating all the time. The 5D will be all about using one's creative nature, the power to create from oneself using one's unique power and sensitivity. Much of this power has been blocked and stifled in the 3D. We have been enslaved to a system where much of the creative life force has been blocked, stifled or exploited. Many people have put their creativity on hold for practical or survival reasons. When i go to parties and tell people i am an artist i get the usual look of wonderment as someone who has managed to break free of a system and lives my dream. I am not sure what the dream is, the heart cannot be denied in the 5D and all thoughts of working in another job or system are not viable. We can no longer lie to ourselves in the 5D. This goes for work, pleasure and  relationships. The heart and head must be in congruence to fully ascend. The truth is that many people hold back their deeply creative natures in order to conform within the current 3D structure. The upgrade into the 5D requires a great deal of bravery and strength. I mostly go through deep fear. Fear about survival. Fear about money. 


This brings with me with lightening speed to the Heart. The ascension into the 5th Dimension is the realm of the Heart. Creativity is the expression of the Heart energy, alongside the womb in a woman. When i provide Chinese Medicine consultations to assist women's fertility, we have to always balance the Heart and Womb. Just before an IVF transfer, which returns a fertilised egg to the Womb, i provide a treatment that opens both the Heart and the womb, aligning and balancing the energy together. This is a huge lesson in energy flow for women (and men) who want to do anything creative in their lives. To utilise the Heart in your life is to begin to truly create from a place of divine conception. 


Heart spaces require us to be vulnerable and this is where personal ascension becomes tricky. To learn to be open and vulnerable can be immensely difficult to super sensitive Starseeds and Indigos who have been bathed in hostile vibrations since arriving on planet Earth. Most of us have managed to find a way to shut down, close off and isolate for survival. To switch on the Heart, open and fully participate in daily life is going to be a challenge for most and perhaps dangerous for some. Trust can be in short supply after living in a 3D world that has violated 'trust' concepts on every level. Living in the human world of 'what is' is immensely challenging for people who are born with souls of higher consciousness and awareness. We are used to trust where we are from - we are not used to power games and manipulations. So i would like to say this to you - we came here to teach them and not the other way around! 


I would like to see your creativity in the world. 


This is going to be your superpower in the 5th Dimension and you will LOVE it. 


Lightness of Thought and Love



Natasha Astara x


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