Mind Trash - The Projection of Toxic Thinking

June 20, 2018



I have received over 10 comments relating to my body in the last 5 days from ‘friends’ and colleagues. At the time they happened I sort of brushed them off and absorbed them into my own goodwill and loving nature. After so many comments in such a short space of time I am beginning to feel under attack and under fire from people’s projections. And this is what it is. People’s projections of their own thoughts – their mind trash emptying all over my head and beautiful body. People come along dump it all over me and then walk off thinking that is ok. It’s a funny experience with friends because there is trust involved and quite frankly, their behavior is abusive. The first couple of hits of ‘ you get puffy’ and ‘your breasts are too low’ and ‘you have a tummy’ – I brush off with my own thoughts – I don’t feel that way – I’m ok. But after a while a few of these begin to sink in and I become very angry at this violation of my boundary. It is so subtle and it is also not.


After a few comments like this from one ‘friend’ I confronted her with it – she said’ I am not saying you need to loose weight but….’ I replied – Yes you are – you are saying you think I need to loose weight – at least OWN it if you are going to say it’. I laughed because this person is living in a dream world of his or her own thought projection. It is very interesting to me as I am running everyday and my body is slimmer and healthier – I am happier everyday as my life continues, i feel good. I am fitter and I am more comfortable with me – yet I am attracting the comments that seek to dismantled and erode my self esteem. Women are doing this to me. My ‘friends’ are doing this to me. Now I wonder if new friends are in required. But it doesn’t just come from friends – it comes from colleagues as well – other people we meet – mums at the school gate – strangers – people who spend way too much time analyzing me and deciding how my body should be than I do. The truth is here that there are a lot of busy minds out there thinking ugly thoughts. They spend their time thinking ugly thoughts and then they project them like arrows into another’s space and energy field. They are boundary violators. They have no respect for another’s sovereignty and very little evidence of their own. They dump their mind trash all over someone and think that is OK behavior – It's NOT.


I have heard about this going on at school amongst school children – mostly girls I have to admit sadly. The beautiful bodies of children being mindtrashed by others. At this point we could say –“ well, its just words- sticks and stones and all that” – No, I think we all know the truth about how body shaming destroys people’s lives. We only have to look at the individuals doing it to see how their minds have been eroded of goodwill and their hearts are not engaged. It creates a sick society of people obsessing about their own bodies in a destructive way – where nothing is right and beauty can longer exist, as there is no home for it. I don’t want to live in a world without beauty. I don’t want this sickness to get inside my mind. I see women with obsessive toxic thinking towards themselves – it confines them and traps them. It erodes their confidence and self-esteem to the point where there is no freedom of self-expression – and without that – we cannot live in the Heart and fully enjoy our lives.


The trouble is that this stuff is catching. Its like a psychological norovirus. When someone dumps their mindtrash over you, projecting their pain onto you – they are trying to influence your energy and your mind. They are imposing their will – their set of rules – of how they live. They are attacking what is different from them because in their minds – they have to be a certain shape, size, aesthetic to be loved and accepted. If you are not adhering to this then You are deemed wrong – so they attack to make you the same. This projection is so harsh because it has the full force of someone fighting for his or her lives in it. And they are – for the mere presence of your fat/wrinkle/smile/crooked tooth or in my case ‘low boobs’ and ‘puffy’ body is an ‘attack’ on their view of how things should be in the world. They spend all day fighting with themselves about the way they are and try to make themselves something else so they can accept themselves but sadly they still can’t. They need to attack you otherwise they will loose the war. It is merely a projection of their own self-hate – and this is where the truth of it becomes really icky and sad. They really do hate themselves. You can tell this by the way you feel once you have been ‘mindtrashed’ – you begin to isolate that part of you and reject it – make it other and the enemy and then the hate takes a hold.


How do I know this? Because I have lived it. What I realize now is that some of my self-hate came from within – I had a very complicated relationship with own body and accepting myself in a female body. But so much came from others judgments and mind trash placed on me as I was growing up. I have heard mums body shaming their babies and toddlers. It is a sick sick society that we are in within the 3D.


So – what the hell do we do about this? Most people are completely unconscious that they have toxic thoughts and they are wrapping it in a bow and dumping it all over your head. Totally unconscious! Well, lets first recognize it for what it is – a violation of your boundaries by a personal attack on your self esteem and your beautiful body temple – i.e. Your country. Those people are sending an energetic attack via a thought form towards your energy system – like a missile being sent from one country to another. That missile is a powerful cocktail of toxins containing their belief systems – inherited and created by them – it will have some righteous energy in it – where they think they are ‘right’ or they would not have the audacity to fire it out there in the first place – it will have some fire to it – powered by the many many minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades that they are have been cultivating that toxic thought within them like a festering piece of trash – that is what they are sending over to your love island. I don’t believe you asked for some toxic waste to be dumped in your Earth did you? If you are really lucky that missile will be painted pink and wrapped in a bow to appear like a compliment or helpful friend ‘helping’ you. Well, if you want help in the form of someone eroding your self esteem and saying you are ugly, unacceptable and unlovable to your face then ok – but I believe they are only helping you to get your feet walking way way out of there and never come back to be in their company.


I cannot stress enough how dangerous this stuff is. We are talking radioactive waste dangerous – it will literally kill you. It will kill parts of you slowly and over time. It is the worst sort of toxin because it gets into your thinking and you can adopt it and start doing it to yourself. I never considered I was puffy or I noticed it I just thought – I need more sleep, I need to love myself more – but how my ‘friend’ sent it was without kindness, compassion or love – because that is how she speaks to herself, her body and her inner child. Maybe that’s how her mum spoke to her or her other friends – But that’s NOT how I speak to my daughters, my self or my friends. We need to remember that when we speak using words we are ‘spelling’ – literally casting ‘spells’ on our reality and on each other. If you are spelling these comments on people then you are affecting that persons energy – first by your intentions and then your words. I wonder if this unconscious behavior is the basis of this mindtrash – where people want to create the effect that they are commenting on. My friend may want me to be puffy and that’s why she labelled and judged me as such. On an unconscious level she knows my body and mind will receive the spell to be ‘puffy’ and begin to create that. I sometimes wonder this about people who have trouble loosing weight – that they receive many spells on them many times a day with the intention of ‘weight gain or fat’, just the regular missiles of others toxic thoughts attacking their energy constantly or intermittently is enough to want to build a fat layer of protection around the core of the body.


Essentially we are particles of energy in space and the messages we receive begin to activate particles and cells to behave in certain ways. I want warm loving confidently fun women in the world – and I want to be one of them. I don’t want to live with fearful, sad, cripplingly under confident people who are destroying themselves with their thinking. Our minds and bodies are too precious for that. Our lives are too short and there are way too many wonderful and fascinating things to do in them to spend time obsessing over some tummy bump or a spotty bit of skin.


So please – don’t let people MINDTRASH You – you are too special and valuable. Your body is beautiful and your mind is peaceful – keep it that way. AND if you are one of billions of people who Mind trash – Stop and think – Own your stuff and then maybe you can find peace too and feel less like a garbage truck.


I would also like to point out that this mindtrash stuff is very present in the 3D and it will become more so as people are having their toxicity shaken into the surface and the visible arena for them to deal with. Sadly many projections come from a person’s disowning and denial of this aspect of themselves. People moving into the 5D consciousness of the Heart will become more sensitive as our frequencies become higher, so we may begin to notice more of these ‘attacks’ at the energy level they are coming in at. It will become a natural part of our immunity to move away from this energy and gravitate towards people who have mastered self-love. Moving into the 5D is all about self-love as it is all about the Heart. We cannot work in the 5th dimension without having fully engaged awakened heart energy. This energy is all about authenticity and no longer being in denial or contradiction with ones thoughts and desires. The Heart functions in the energy of integrity and the call to be with people who are also raising the vibrations in this area will be too strong to spend time with mind trashing behaviours.


I wish you all well on your journeys of self-love and self-acceptance. Know that you are beautiful and within you is the light of your star energy created from the oneness of a loving cosmos.


I will be talking more about self-love, body-shaming and the Heart on my YouTube channel so please check it out and subscribe if you would like to hear more about what i do. 




Natasha Astara x


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