Soul Reflection

July 2, 2018



‘In this beautiful gentle creature I saw my own soul reflected back to me’

( How to Train Your Dragons 2)


Us humans like to receive validation. It is part of our essential development – from baby to toddler and then child; we experience mirroring from our primary caregivers helping us to learn about the world and who we are. We mirror facial displays of emotions and body language. We develop unconsciously by observation and being observed. This is all part of our abilities to connect with one another, formative bonding, helping us to be accepted as part of ourselves and within relationships that form the basis of the rest of our entire lives. If this key part of development is incomplete or absent then it vastly changes our world experience and can create disharmony in our internal experience.


 I see this process as being part of our soul journey in the subtle realms of energy that make up who we are. We are infinite energetic beings spanning many dimensions and connected through to our physical bodies allowing us physical expression in this physical realm. For many Indigos, Star seeds and Earth Angels we are aware of the expansiveness of our energy being expressed through our physical bodies. We realize it is not just in the physical realm that we exist.


One of the reasons I feel that it can so difficult down here for Indigos, Earth Angels and star seeds is that we do not generally feel the validation process of our energy and vibration from other humans. We have been a minority of highly sensitive humans incarnated here on Earth to raise vibration. We have been representing the raised vibrations of energy needed here by bringing our higher consciousness energy here. I say ‘higher consciousness’ in reference to a complex experiential knowledge of many many different dimensions and existences in other planes. We came because we are advanced souls holding the medicine needed for the planet at this time. We are the medicine and our journey here is also mirroring the journey of consciousness on and within the planet at this time. We are multi-consciousness in action.


A few years ago I realized that the times I could feel most alive and connected to myself was when I experienced recognition of my energy being reflected back to me. This can happen through readings and healing experiences where we are open and receive a vibrational up-liftment of energy that comes from source energy and reminds us of our own soul vibrations. It can happen when we meet someone who holds a similar resonance to our star vibration. It can happen when we see something in the world that reminds us of ‘home’. This can be a piece of art, nature, architecture. It can be a kind thought or gesture from another or simply a heartfelt expression of goodwill that reflects our own understanding.


Receiving a reflection of ourselves at soul level is an experience that we should be receiving daily for our own development and attachment to Earth and the Earth’s experience to become secure. For the world to become friendly and part of us rather than hostile and strange. I believe that few of us are able to get that experience daily within the 3D world we currently live in. It is a reason why daily connection with healthy fresh food and nature is important for our wellbeing, as we need to receive regular resonance to support our vibrations here otherwise we become sick, sad and underdeveloped. In short, these vibrations are required to help us to thrive. Thriving for me means being able to function and develop into the fullness of who we are. Working within the 3D has made it hard for many higher consciousness souls to fully expand here. As I said to one friend, it is like being a master jeweler working on the plastic factory line – we work to be the best we can with what we have but really it prevents us from expanding into what we are really capable of.  Ascending into the 5th Dimension is about to change all that but I feel it is going to take some time.



Being a Soul Reflector means that we can mirror for one another the energetic patterns of higher vibrations. Advanced souls need to experience this regularly to maintain their own higher vibrations – to remind us of who we really are. It is all about resonance of energy. Placing our particles in a sea of 3D is toxic and depleting, it could affect us and does affect us adversely. It is hard not to become changed during a lifetime here and not for the better. Daily abuses from low vibrations, both psychologically, emotionally, mentally can change us. Being surrounded by negative and low vibrational thinking will affect our thoughts, our bodies, our genes. And to be different and hold a ‘different’ belief system to the ‘norm’ in 3D means that many attacks on the ‘other’ are made. Attacks that come as energy, thoughts, comments, looks, rejecting behaviours from others and prejudice. All these things begin to break down ones integrity of who we are. Soul reflection is about reinforcing your soul vibration. This is one of the reasons we need to gather, unplug from 3D relationships and begin to create a reflective relationship of higher consciousness with one another. This is a new matrix of understanding we create on earth – mirroring the new matrix on the Earth’s crystalline structure.


Many people I work with have not had many validation experiences here on Earth. Not even in many lifetimes. But the time is here now to have more. When you receive a reflection of your soul it will be like falling into love. Falling in love with who you are. Reflecting love to one another is the most healing experience I believe we can have. Why are these experiences so few and far between? They require us to be fully present in the moment with one another and ourselves. To have open hearts and act with integrity – which is the alignment of our actions with our hearts. It is acts of goodwill personified – where there is goodwill in abundance and not in lack as the 3D would teach us an overshadowing of fear depleting and diminishing goodwill.


Soul reflective work is part of this deep process and when we meet each other in the Heart and with the Heart then we will feel better, more connected, loved and understood. This is the basis where we can begin to thrive and build the long awaited New Earth.


I wish you well on your journey


If you would like to experience soul reflection with me, please book a 1:1 session for this service. 


Lightness and Blessings


Natasha Astara 




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