Indigos, Star Seeds & Earth Angels As Light Receptors

July 6, 2018


We are in the process of a monumental shift. Over this summer we are receiving huge pulses of light energy that are helping us to shift out of the low frequencies of the 3D old Earth Matrix and tune in to the 5th Dimensional vibrations. It is a fascinating time to be incarnated here on Earth. Many of us are experiencing the shift within our own physical bodies and that is exactly the process we are supposed to go through helping us to be in alignment with the journey of the Earth mother, Gaia. As Indigos, Star seeds and Earth Angels, we chose to come to act as vibrational frequency holders to hold and pulsate the high vibrations from our soul energy.


Many of us have been breaking up the density in the 3D up until 2012. Since 2012 our energy has been experiencing a change, where we are now releasing and detoxing from the 3D matrix, to reconnect through in the new 5D earth matrix. As we experience this detoxification, we will be able to vibrate at our natural soul frequencies with more resonance, meaning it will become easier to hold your own energy without becoming depleted and drained as quickly. This will be a relief to many of us working in such density, which has been quite overwhelming and uncomfortable. We have all been working in our own ways to break up old structures, belief systems (BS), dysfunctional DNA coding, old reptilian and lower vibrational energy. This huge detox through the entire energy system of Gaia is also mirrored within our experience in our own bodies.


At the present time you my have noticed people acting all kinds of crazy, especially in the 3D. Friends and family members acting out in ways you may have only noticed in small amounts or subtly before are now more visible in displays of their own detoxing process. This process is a mechanism of awareness. More light frequencies enter the body system and result in breaking up and expelling of heavier frequencies. People can experience a lot of conflict and discomfort while this is happening. This is also happening in the Earth herself, she is pushing out levels of toxins and we are seeing evidence of that with earthquakes and we may see epidemics of disease as pockets of dark energy are released. It is a time to keep yourself well on as many levels as you can.


By keeping well I mean that we need to clear out our own energy systems daily and work on moving our own frequency blockers through our bodies. Frequency blockers are our own heavy densities that are present in the physical bodies we have been born into. I refer to this at the Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual levels – as all these energies encompass our physical manifestation here on Earth, anchoring through the body.  If we work on our own issues then we are in effect releasing energy that blocks lighter frequencies from flowing through us. Once we have released blocks and all that can become attached to them, then we are clearing up on deeper levels. If we can remove our resonance to heavier energies, it is easier to tune into the 5D frequency.


I have some suggestions here for keeping your energy clear based on my own experience:

  • Meditate daily – even if it is 5 mins in the morning and evening or whatever suits you.

  • Exercise daily – move the energy through your body

  • Body work – massage, shiatsu, and acupuncture – clearing through the muscles and physical tissues.  I suggest weekly or fortnightly.

  • Clearing mind and old belief systems – SRT or Psych-K

  • Clear past life and ancestral energy from the body

  • Become present with your emotions – acknowledge and allow them to express through you and flow

  • Connect with Nature

  • Breathe deeply and do break work

Things to watch out for:

  • Other peoples crazy energy – use discernment and detachment with people

  • Pockets of dense energy on the land and locations

  • People using their energy to disempower you

  • Vampire, parasitic people and discarnate energies and entities.


I feel I need to bring awareness to the hotch potch of energetic disturbance at the moment. We are not just dealing with our own energy, but lots of outside interference and ‘world energies’ that are also detoxing. The usual methods many not be working for you and I suggest you work with other people to help clear your energy and also work in groups, to clear land sites, where deep pockets have collected and stagnated for sometime.



So what is this all about? We are clearing the way within our bodies so we become more perceptive to light and light frequencies. Our bodies act as light receptors for the new light frequencies entering the Earth at this time. The clearer you can make your channel and your ability to be perceptive and resonant with higher frequencies, allows you to channel more light into the new matrix through your physical body. This will also feel fantastic, as you will be resonating more strongly with your soul energy, where high frequencies act like soul food to nourish you. It will help you to thrive. This will also change the way we are working down here on Earth; we are changing from density breakers to receptors of the new earth energy. This will mean that many of us will be able to express more of the creative expression of the soul. We will be able to shift out of doing ‘work’ and more into the joy of the Heart, establishing the new Earth Matrix here on Earth together.


This is a beautiful journey to be part of but we are definitely being put through our paces in this hard bit, so stay safe and well.


Blessings to you all on this journey.


Natasha Astara  x


If you would like a 1:1 Session, i offer Heart Matrix Healing sessions, Energy Alignment to 5D and sessions to connect you with your star family . Please email me or book through my website bookings pages.

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