Birthing the New Earth

July 16, 2018


2018 is the year of Number 11 - A year of mastery for the elements of unity consciousness to come. For light workers , this will also foretell the personal journey of lightening up your own energy. This may have been going on for sometime but 2018 is ramping up the pressure, bringing in more light and pushing out the old matrix. Out of your cells and out of your energy field. The process of surrender has never been more important. 


Why are we going through this? 


We are in the process of birthing the New Earth. I am enjoying the explosion of people talking on the internet about the New 5D Earth. It feels like it has been a long time coming and even now we are seeing only the seeds of the process. New light is pouring in; Star seeds, Indigo’s and Earth Angels are gathering. I feel like i am witnessing the germination of the sprouts that are going to change our world once and for all. But, like all birth processes, no one said it would be easy or fast. I have to admit, i felt that by mid 2018 i would have been in the flowing energy of source and finding each day easier and easier as the new matrix lights up my star body. Instead, i have found a bumpy road of stops and starts  - heavy energy weeks followed by some super light days. Hopefully a promise of what is to come. 


I say this to share my experience. Sometimes when i am reading all the postivitiy gushing about the ascension into 5D, i wonder if they are missing the process. Some people are still processing and detoxing from very dense energy patterns. Patterns they have come here to shift as part of their soul contract. These brave souls are trawling through darkness and breaking up Luciferian time lines and energy that would make you shiver and perhaps never get out of bed again. I honour the Star seeds, Indigos, Earth Angels on any path like this. All i can say is, ask for help and help will come, you have not been forgotten. 


On the positive accumulation, i am witnessing the new birthings of 5D projects, art, communities and organisations. Starseeds are bringing forward their knowledge and beginning to find ways to transform our world. We have many new beginnings of a more conscious Earth forming. 

It's up to us now to seek out and support these projects. Its time to look at supporting enterprise in alignment with the New Earth Structure - Organic Food, Permaculture, Eco tourism, sustainable buildings, biodegrable materials, Forest schools, Conscious Art and technology. Many of these seeds are already there awaiting your custom and support and there are many seeds to come in the future who require funding. 


It's Your Time, Are you ready for the next step?


It is a time to dream BIG. This is a good time to connect with your star energy and soul blueprint. Choose now to bring forward your contribution to the New Earth - it needs your energy. We are all part of creating this and visioning the future of Gaia. Be peaceful and write down your dreams and hopes. Connect with your passions and begin to create this energy in your life by being your authentic self. I have started a group called LIONESS designed to help star seeds, Indigos and Earth Angels to bring your ideas through and create a career you love. All this new energy is just waiting to come out of you. This is the process of birth, even if you have no idea what it will look like - trusting the process of your creativity and soul vibration will be enough to begin the process. 


The New Earth is a vision being dreamed by us all. Once we realise this we can gather and collaborate with others who also share part of the vision. It’s a concept that has been created on the energetic planes of reality and now we are grounding and birthing it with Gaia. It need not be hard work - try to remember that lightness is the key - the more pleasure and joy you have in creating allows the higher vibrations to flow. Put Love into everything you do and Love will be the main ingredient :) 


Wishing you all love and lightness on your journey.


Natasha Astara 



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