Balinese Blessings and Wisdom

July 23, 2018


As i lay awake listening to the sounds of the rain on the leaves of the rainforest in Bali, i have an opportunity to consider what i have learnt from this beautiful island in the last month. Here are 10 petals of flower wisdom collected from Bali to offer:

  1. A culture that respects Karma can have open walled homes - YES, i am sleeping in an open walled home with all the windows and doors open and no walls on part of it.  i have stayed in a few of these places since being here and it is getting easier to accept that the only things that want to come in a get me are the bugs. They don’t want my money either or my passport. The frogs might come in too but i think they are on their way somewhere else. I have to face the facts here, that Balinese people respect karma - it is intimately part of their life and Belief Systems around how to live. This is keeping me safe. The people here know that whatever they will do will come back to them and that if they live with good deeds and intentions, this will be what they receive. Yes, there is truth here - as their respect of karma has created a safe respectful environment. 

  2. Nature is abundant - Yes. People refer to Bali as the island of the Goddess and i can say it does feel like the Garden of Eden. There are plants everywhere - fruit plants and trees like mango, banana, coconut, jackfruit, pineapple. There are flowers everywhere; orchids growing out of half coconut shells on trees, in  outdoor bathrooms. Plants are everywhere and it feels so good to see this abundance. Who could ever be hungry when there is food growing everywhere just for the pleasure of sunshine on your tastebuds. 

  3. Fresh running water all around you feels good - Everywhere i go here there are rivers, streams and rice terraces flowing with water. Inland the water flows through the rainforests and on the coast, the rivers meet the sea. The sound of water flowing is so soothing to the soul. The sunlight shimmering on the water is golden. There are ponds with lilies, frogs and fish everywhere too, the Ballinese really know how to cherish the water element. 

  4. Where there are blessings, there is a good vibe - It is very common here to see Canang Sari - daily offerings made of flowers, leaves, rice and incense like the photo for the blog. They are prepared and placed everywhere by Balinese people. I notice that some places respect this practice widely and have many offerings everywhere. Coincidentally, these have also been the places where the vibrations have been good and high. I notice that when i see no offerings, the location lacks energy and vitality. I have come away feeling tired from those locations. 

  5. Living in Harmony with the natural world and respecting the unseen spirits. Balinese people leave offerings - Canang Sari at the many places but particularly on the edges of the rainforest or near rivers. Bridges going over the rivers are popular spots for such offerings. There is a respect here for the unseen forces in nature. I would call them nature spirits, but after experiencing the energies of the rainforest i can see that there are myriad energies here - unusual and different from European nature. I am awed by the Balinese people’s respect of unseen spirits and i witness that this assists  in living in harmony with the natural world. They have outdoor bathrooms and showers here too with lots of plants around. It feels good to be part of the natural world rather than separate from it. 

  6. It's good to have a harmonious relationship with the 3 levels of the world - Balinese people have told me of the 3 levels of the cosmos or world - The Deities, The Human and The Demons. Maintaining this relationship keeps the balance. There is respect of the human place in the middle. 

  7. Fresh Food is good for the soul. The best places i have stayed in Bali grow organic food and harvest it just before cooking and eating. Its vibrant and has no air miles. 

  8. Even in paradise there can be pockets of dense energy. Yes, sadly there is no escape from the energetic release of the old matrix here on Earth. There are pockets even here in Bali where i have felt toxicity being released from the Earth’s grid system. As usual, its a good indicator to move on to a sweeter space and energy if you can find one. 

  9. There is no escaping how you feel. No, there is no escaping your own feelings. They go with you wherever you go, unless you are a master at denial and projection. Even in Bali i have been processing and detoxing my own 3D toxicity - but this is a beautiful place to do it. 

  10. Maintaining and protecting good energy is an ongoing daily practice. They have a problem in Bali with plastic pollution. I am glad to say, that it does not seem to be as bad as what i had read before i came here. I can see there has been a big initiative to clean up the land and educate people on this subject. One of the beaches i spent time on had only a few pieces of plastic rubbish and i mean very few, but i read reviews that had said it had been full of rubbish a few months earlier. I am glad to say that people collect the rubbish daily on this beach. This is a reminder to me that maintaining energy and keeping a place clean at the moment is a daily practice but worth it.


It really has been a beautiful experience here and i am happy to know that so many beautiful communities of people still exist in the world. Balinese people shine goodwill and heart energy and it is a balm for the wearied western soul. I love the initiatives out here for sustainable and organic living. Long may it continue and hopefully impact the western world more than we impact them. 


Lightness and Blessings on your journey

Natasha Astara

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