Blood Moon Eclipse - 27 July 2018

July 27, 2018


This is one hot summer and today we are going to be experiencing the Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Moon - a Full moon in Aquarius. I think i will call this the ‘Volcano Moon’ because this particular moon is also in 1 degree Mars, the Planet of War. No wonder we have so much volcanic activity happening on the planet. We are birthing the New Earth and there is a lot of heat and fire in birth. 


On top of this culminating event, we have the experience of 5 planets in retrograde at the same time, with a 6th - Uranus about to join them. 


Neptune (18 June -24 Nov 2018)

Saturn (17 April - 6 Sept 2018)

Jupiter (8 March - 10 July 2018)

Mars (26 June - 27 Aug 2018)

Mercury (26 July - 19 August 2018)

Uranus (7 Aug - 6 Jan 2018)


Are you feeling this? 


My communication with the land during this phase is bringing my attention to the clearing of the Earth grids. I have been shown that we are clearing out the toxins of the 3D matrix to make space for the higher dimensional frequencies. This is happening on the Earth and also in our bodies. The dimensional shift is occurring and the process is throwing up the deep dark spaces of suppression and the dark feminine. The retrograde planets are helping us to point to the past and empty the tombs of old. To realign the structure at a very deep level, so that we can begin the reconfigurations of the new Earth in our bodies and energy structures. 


How deep does this go?


Very deep. Right to the very core and creation of your DNA. Right back to the creation of the human race, where violations of sacred energy occurred at the central creative level. This is the indicator of the level we are working at, as light workers, star seeds, Indigos and Earth Angels. Creating the flow where stagnation has occurred and realigning the vibrations to health. We are doing this within and without. It is a hard place to be so light and conscious and then to incarnate into physical bodies carrying corrupted codes and an Earth plane of low density. You are doing a good job even if you may not feel it right now. 


We are dredging the bottom of the darkest places and this may go on for some time. 


Luckily for us, the retrograde planets are helping us and the sunshine is bringing in lots of photons to accelerate the detox. What people refuse to let go of will be destroyed and more light will be shone to bring out the shadow. We will be experiencing the process of ‘enlightenment’ in ways we have never seen and perhaps never wanted to see or be witness to. We are going to see it all and i would class this as armageddon, as the chaos of energy swirls in self cleaning patterns, things are going to appear ugly and mess before they appear whole. 


The Blood moon is also about war and conflict as Mars is so close in influence. We are experiencing the Shift of the Earth and within this there is a conflict as we decide which energies we align with and how we want to birth something new. What will we stand up to and say ‘NO’ and what will we allow to be birthed through us as creators? 


My attention is being drawn to the #MeToo movement and the rise of the feminine alignment, where women (and men) are expressing the years of unexpressed abuse, disrespect and violations that have taken place in the old matrix systems. I notice that we are now willing to listen and the wave of expression allows the emptying of the pain, rage and despair of the disempowerment of the feminine by the patriarchy. A disempowerment of people - both within the feminine and male aspects, but also the disempowerment of the land with her plants, animals, minerals and indigenous people. The feminine is saying ‘NO’ to abuse and we are listening. It is time. 



This process is needed for all the stages of the return to the Heart. We can not reinstall the Heart until the body is honoured and safe. The Empress needs her lands to be secured from violation so that her beauty can radiate in the open as generosity, abundance, peace and radiant love. These are the steps we are taking and the Sacred Masculine will follow. I hear that men are confused right now - yes, thats the process. Be confused and come out of the mind, return to the heart and listen to what feels ‘right’ within. We have been bombarded with so much corrupt and toxic energy that what is ‘right’ and 'in balance' has been forgotten. Luckily nature remembers and listening to the land, the plants, animals and the elements, will remind you of the song of your heart and you will learn when you are off key. 


At 9pm (UK time) tonight - take your time, light your candle and centre yourself in your heart and body. Allow your energy to connect with the new crystalline energy of the Earth and root yourself in your body and your heart. Just be. Allow and see how you are an energy vibrator of this experience. 


Meg Benedict will be holding her Earth Activation meditation at 9pm (UK) time and if you go to my twitter account  @EarthmotherSta2 i will retweet the link for registering. Its good to connect at this time and feel the vibe of the rising tide of Indigo, Earth Angel and Star seeds - you are in a team of love and greatness here on Earth - so connect and feel supported at this time. 


Blessings to you on your journey


Natasha Astara xxx

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