Are You An Earth Angel?

August 5, 2018


If you are reading this then you might be wondering if you are an Earth Angel or if you might know one. I will do my best to explain what this is and how best to live on Earth at the present time if you are an incarnated Angelic living on the Earth realm. 


What is an Earth Angel?


An angelic soul who has incarnated in a human body to live a human life. The term ‘angelic’ refers to the vibration of the soul, which comes from higher dimensions and realms close to the source energy. Angelics have often completed all their life cycles on many planets including Earth and been released from the spirals of Karma. Sometimes Angelic souls have never incarnated on Earth and have always been in the higher dimensions of existence. Needless to say - the current vibration of Earth can be a ‘shock’. They do not usually feel at home in their physical bodies. 


How do i know if i am an Earth Angel?


There are few traits that Angelic souls manifest in their experience here on Earth, which aid identification. You may also find that confirmation of yourself as Angelic will come through readings and energy work with other light workers. You may be drawn to working with Angels and the Angelic realms, however this may not mean you are angelic as many individuals can work with angels. Karmic astrology can identify you as an angelic as it maps out your previous incarnations from a soul perspective.


Some people just know - and thats enough! 



What are the Traits of an Earth Angel? 


One of the key manifesting qualities of an Earth Angel which is a dead giveaway is weight. Angelic souls often struggle with weight issues and not because they are greedy or more hungry than most! It can be surprising how much this is a problem for Angelics! The main reason for this is to do with how they process energy. They have souls that come from a much higher dimension - one that is close to source and has balance and healthy harmonics. These dimensions are non-physical and manifest as pure energy and light. The beings have no physical form and have no need for physical food as they do not ‘eat’ but rather live from the source energy. The energy is very high vibration and is not susceptible to fluctuations. 


When an Earth Angel incarnates food becomes a real issue as it is the form we use here on Earth to obtain energy for the physical body. Our organs and intestines are also susceptible to vibration, emotions, toxins and environments. An Earth Angels will be very sensitive in the digestive organs, particularly the spleen, which houses thought and the mind. Food here on earth can be fully of toxic material unless it is organic or from a healthy source. Most Earth Angels are brought up in families who are not educated in food and cooking for Angelics and it can become a life long process to educate themselves. As time goes on, you will find Angelics find a way to keep their weight stable but this is not always the case and i will explain why below. 


Earth Angels are accustomed to Angelic vibrations and are sensitive to dense vibrations. This means that when they incarnate into the density of the 3rd dimension, they can feel overloaded with toxins. Toxins can be substances like sugar, heavy metals or inpure water or air. It can also just be lower vibrations. Vibrations are strange that way but in general, the laws in the universe show that we are just particles and waves of energy, finding your unique vibrations can be tricky. Once you have found them, or a higher vibe than you - stay with them, as they will always make you feel better. Angelics are constantly balancing their higher soul vibration with the lower vibrations around them. This process is extremely taxing on the body, especially the spleen, which causes Damp to accumulate in the body if it is impaired. Most people will recognise Damp as fat, but it can also be water retention. Angelics can go up and down clothes sizes in days and wonder why. 


The physical body allows the Angelic to process dense vibrations and raise energy. Often their bodies work like transistors of energy. They affect the environment around them by vibrating at a high level. They are often involved in healing of some sort and have a deep respect for the sacredness of life. More often than not, they are not interested in harsh ways of being or self interested career paths. Angelics thrive on balance and they will seek to create it within their communities or wherever they come into contact with others. 


Earth Angels are here for Earth healing. Many of the Earth Angels here heard the distress call from Gaia after World War 2, incarnating to form an Angelic team to heal the Earth grid system. These individuals often work land energy by healing locations. They may be doing this unconsciously when they are at work, visiting places or on holiday. Sometimes when they get sick, their bodies are relating to the Earth healing of a location and processing it through resonance in their own bodies. This is why it is so important to stay well and look after your human body with self care. Angelics can become irresponsible around their own self care as they are not used to catering for the needs of a physical body. 


Earth Angels are from a higher realm of understanding and they see the good in people. Often they can only see the good in people and this can make them fall prey to people’s shadow sides and experience manipulation from others. Angelics cannot tolerate disharmony and will often bend themselves into knots, to accommodate others. They are usually non-competitive, as they hold deep beliefs that winning is only absolute if everyone is winning as they hold a deep connection to Unity consciousness. Angelics possess a deep well of forgiveness, which helped them ascend the karmic timelines in the first place. They are deeply sensitive and can feel the pain of others, making them true empaths. They usually have a high acceptance of others because of their ability to see someone’s soul potential and can be blind to a person’s everyday behaviour. In general they are ‘good’ souls who have an amazing ability to focus on the ‘good’ in people, sometimes at the expense of ‘reality’ and what is. 


In terms of physical appearance, Earth Angels often have a soft look and sometimes irridescent auras. They can appear gentle and sometimes younger than they are. Prone to weight issues they can sometimes be over weight but do not look unhealthy with it. Often they can look ‘angelic’ with blond or light hair - but not necessarily, their souls often choose the look of an ‘angel’ because this is how they are comfortable. 


People often report feeling very comfortable when they are in the presence of an Earth Angel. They feel like they can share their soul and feel very safe. Earth Angels make excellent counsellors and therapists with their ability to put patient’s at ease instantly. They can attract partners who want them to ‘mother’ them because they feel so safe in their energy, however, this leads to imbalance and it is best to keep energetic ‘children’ firmly in the treatment room and not invite them into your personal life - a lesson that many Earth Angels will need to experience a few times to get it right. 

Advice for Earth Angels Coping on Earth at this Time


2018 is certainly a interesting time to be incarnated on Earth. We are experiencing the split in the dimensions between the 3/4/5th involving an intensive polarisation of the Earth energies. The human race is beginning to choose which dimension they will live in and Angelics will feel this as they have been working hard to raise the vibration of humans to bring them into the higher dimensions. Earth Angels may experience distress and grief as we realise that some of the people we love and care for will be choosing to remain in the 3rd dimension old matrix. Angelics witnessing this soul choice may experience all kinds of distressed emotions and anxiety and not be entirely aware of why. From the angelic angle there is nothing worse than seperaton from the divine and it will be hard for Angelics to comprehend why individuals would want to remain in darkness but this is because they have a knowledge of something better, it is hard to know there is something better for individuals who have never experienced it. Angelics will need to relearn the lesson of freewill - where everyone can exercise their will freely on this planet even if it leads to their own destruction. 


Disconnecting from lower energies and realigning responsibility with self will help Earth Angels move more gently in to the new 5D matrix. 


If you are an Earth Angel remember that your energy is much needed here to create the New Earth. Whatever expression you have chosen for your energy e.g. healing, art, community, caring etc will be needed in the 5th dimension. Your energy will help us all align into the higher dimensions. Find a way to align to your highest truth and begin to express it in the world. 


Accept help. Being an Angelic in a dense vibration can be extremely hard. Ask for help from your star family and higher spiritual realms so they can guide and support you. It is also important to use discernment in choosing an Earth family or supporting team that work with you and help support you. As an Angelic you will attract many lower energies and individuals who will want to drain your energy, so make sure you keep those people out of your personal life. Choose a high vibration team to make up your partner, friends and colleagues. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with people who are not holding your best interests in their hearts, as Angelics can assume everyone is thinking the same as them - it can be a rude awakening when they find out they are not. 


Energetic support systems are available which we can use to support Angelic souls here on Earth, if you would like to know more, please book a 1:1 session to find out how to support and clear your energy. 


If you are an Earth Angel, you are doing a good job! Don’t be hard on yourself and remember how evolved you are and that you know the truth about love and unity!


If you would like to connect please sign up for my blog and YouTube channel.


You are not alone 🙂


Love and Light on your journey. 


Natasha Astara 




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