Lionsgate Portal 8/8

August 5, 2018



This year marks another unique event in the calendar with 8/8/18 Lionsgate portal activating and pouring lighter frequencies onto Gaia. This portal activates each year in August as the Sirius star becomes aligned on the Orion’s Belt in the night sky and our Solar Sun is positioned in the constellation of Leo. On Earth we become more open to the the influence of the Lion people - a feline race occupying Pleiades and Sirian Star systems. A highly advanced race of beings who have many star seeds incarnated here on Earth. I have found it very common to meet Syrian Star seeds through my work with clients, as many are here to help evolve the consciousness of the planet. This is a good time to connect with your star family if you are one of these star seeds. 


At this time before the stargate activates, i have been guided towards clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping it to clear old timelines and align to the new energetic grid which is being infused with light at this time. The Solar Plexus Chakra corresponds to the element of Fire and thought. It relates to the transformation of energy into matter which is mostly how we experience our organs housed in this area of the body. The solar plexus in harmony helps us to manifest what we need in the world by using thought and then action. The organs here are the Liver holding the Will and willpower, the Spleen controlling the mind and thought, The Stomach being the storehouse of energy and the Gallbladder being the decision maker of the body. It is an area also housing the intestines which processes and mulch down our food consumption so we can take the nutrients and use it for energy in our body. This whole area can become congested with stagnation through poor food choices and stuck emotions. The Liver can be affected by excess or deficient Anger, aggression or timidity. The Spleen energy becomes impaired by worry and overthinking. The intestines can become clogged by taking in too many different enerigies to process, particularly if some of those energies are toxic to you as an individual. The Gallbladder becomes impaired by lack of following through on decisions and plans or overplanning everything. Obstacles that block the direction can create stagnation as the individual cannot realise its direction or Will - to allow the Liver to flow. Stomach issues can relate to emptiness, where one never feels ‘full’/satisfied or nourished. 


A blocked Solar Plexus can manifest as disempowerment in ones life and a failure to realise oneself in the way that meets one’s needs.  I have to stress this situation as so important as so many people are out of balance in this area in the 3D and the realm of relationship seems to be affected. Power imbalances and struggles for domination become apparent, creating victimhood and aggressor mentality. It is the realm of abuse and abusive relationships, where seemingly ‘nice’ people can exhibit manipulation, gas lighting and control behaviours. This is also where we begin to see the sticky dense energy of the old matrix playing out, where people have learned behaviours of control in order to ‘get what they need’. I have witnessed humans attaching into the power centre around the navel of other people to obtain an energy source. If you browse the internet on empaths for a while, you will begin to notice the pattern of many empathic people finding themselves in the clutches of partners who use them as an energy source - there are plenty of narcarcissts out there who are disconnected from their own energy and seek another ‘supply’ to source their energy. I fear this is going to become more common as we disconnect from the 3D, as so many people are unable to generate their own energy supply at this time on earth. It could become like a feeding frenzy for the sharks towards many empaths and this is why it is important to keep your solar plexus healthy, listen to your wisdom and be aware of the signs of unhealthy people who many wish to utilise your energy. 


Chinese Medicine refer to these people as ‘hungry ghosts’ and there are many references to hell being a place where people have huge stomachs and tiny mouths - so they can never be filled. This also touches on the concept of Wetiko - an energy that inhabits and controls people, demanding more and more - an endless supply, because it cannot generate its own energy or tap into the love consciousness present in all things. 

So here are some tips, to make the most of the Lionsgate portal on 8th August this year. Over the next few days - try some of these:

  1. Drink Lemon/Lime in water hot/cold

  2. Sit in the sunshine with your belly out and absorb the light photons - the fire of the sun.

  3. Rub your tummy with a warm hand or get someone else to do it. Do a clockwise motion with gentle motions to help encourage the organs to relax and function. 

  4. Place some yellow crystals on your navel and around yourself.

  5. Cut any energetic cords from around your navel - do this consciously. 

  6. Place your hand on your navel and say your name over and over, to remove misplaced identity, which can happen if you have energy that is not yours attached here. 

  7. Visualise your solar plexus spinning in an anti clockwise motion to undo old 3D timelines.

  8. Ask your Guides to cleanse and clear this chakra and help you upgrade to to a higher alignment which is healthier for you at this time. 

  9. Breathe deeply into your navel area to release tension and get the energy flowing.

  10. Use the affirmation “I am powerful and i use my power for Love’ - i like this because yes we are all powerful but how we use it is the most important thing in my book - using it wisely - for creation rather than destruction

  11. Be brave and disconnect from unhealthy relationships. There is so much support from the universe at the moment to help individuals own their power and detach from abusive situations. Use it. 

  12. Eat yellow foods - like Yellow Peppers, yellow tomatoes, lemons, sweetcorn, sunflower seeds, corn, yellow beetroot, pineapples and any other natural veg/fruit that absorbs sunshine and fire - Green vegetables and salad are also brilliant for this too and help the Liver and Gallbladder - So Salads and detox foods are very helpful.

  13. Yoga postures - Bow Posture and the Sphinx are good for opening the solar plexus

  14. Power postures in general are good for your core, the centre of your self confidence.Think Wonder Woman!

  15. Enjoy a happy balanced relationship with yourself - congratulate and praise yourself often - you are glorious and it is a miracle you are here at all - Thats enough! 


I wish you a smooth journey through the portal energies on 8th August. We will continue to feel the effects for the rest of the summer, being topped up by the solar eclipse at the end of August. 


If you are a star seed, Indigo or Earth Angel experiencing a hard time at the moment - hold on there as this time is challenging but also necessary. I myself have been clearing out all sorts of toxins i never thought i had and i guess we can all be grateful that is coming out and not going in. We are paving a way for a new dimension, so the lighter we can become, the less density we will be carrying with us. 


Many blessings on your Ascension Journey, 


Natasha Astara xxx

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