Darkness before Light - The New Moon

August 10, 2018


Wow what a summer of energetic shake ups! If you are sensitive to energy then i am sure you have been holding onto your chakras and wondering when the ride was going to pull in. The last 2 months has been hotter than a chilli kitchen in the desert - with eclipses, portals and retrograde planets  - we have been thoroughly twisted, kneaded and baked. 


Are you still with me? 


It certainly has been a strange year and i thought last year was one for the record books. I thought 2018 - the year of the Dog was going to be loyal, kind and gentle but all i have seen so far is a rise in scary things - racism, prejudice, intolerance, unkindness and hate. Yes Hate! This is not a word i use lightly. I wrote a blog about the rise of Hate in the world back in July but did not release it, thinking that it is better not to highlight these things - it is better to focus on the good in the world and positive energy that is trying to balance - but here we are. I feel i need to acknowledge that we are in a very dark time in this world. I can only hope that this is the darkness before the dawning of the light. I pray this to be true with every ounce of my apparently oversized being. 


I don’t know how you are coping out there - but i think i have experienced my fill. No more darkness thanks! It’s too toxic. 


At this time i feel the need to dig deep and offer some wisdom to the Earth Angels, Indigos and Star seeds - individuals working in the light and for the light. My guides show me this as the polarising effect that we have all been experiencing since before 2012. The polarity of the world as we begin to shift into the dimensional split. Its an ugly time because the dark just got denser (or it appears that way but actually it is just less hidden), and the light is becoming lighter. We know this because all the shadows have become more visible. 


The darkness has been there for too long on the Earth. My Venus channellings described the infiltration of darker energies coming to earth, weakening her magnetic field and ability to protect herself. We are now in the process of pushing out those forces that lay deep in the magnetic grids. Like the #MeToo movement, the energy that has always been there lurking in the shadows and influencing us all on a global level is being pushed into visibility with a spot light on it. 


This is happening with us all too. We are detoxing. Our bodies are pushing out the old timelines and trauma of infiltrated DNA. We are pushing out the conflict and the hate of self that has been raging - inward and outward - the war on self, the body, the feminine. The war on emotional self expression and true authentic creative feminine. The Divine Feminine is entering the Earth grids and saying NO to abuse, NO to the hatred on the feminine and NO to the abuse of the Earth Children. This is loving power and nothing can stand in its way. 


The New Moon in Leo today, coupled with a partial eclipse, will mark the rise of the energy entering Earth. Sadly new boils of toxic pus will keep surfacing for us - globally and internally. We will witness our friends and work colleagues acting peculiar and have to take 10 deep breaths and perhaps walk away. We will witness the politicians acting crazy and the rallying of mass hatred reaching its peaks on the world stage. If this is armageddon - i think we are witnessing it all unfold. 


This is also the decline of the matrix. It is the revealing of all that has been hidden for many thousands of years. We are here to readdress the balance and clean up the timelines of fear. If we are to become diamond light then i guess we are being put under pressure to transform. 


Luckily the body can begin to heal once the toxins leave. Gaia can begin her process of evolving. Humans can move into the Heart and embrace the 5th dimension. Unity consciousness can form the rainbow tribe on Earth. Love can heal us all into wholeness. 


Wishing you all Love on your sacred journeys. 



Natasha Astara xxx



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