Loneliness & How it Affects Your Bank Balance

August 20, 2018


Loneliness is perhaps the most common trait of an Indigo incarnated on Earth at this time. Luckily we are about to experience a massive shift as Gaia upgrades into the 5th Dimension - but we are all part of this change and it will be about personal shifting as well as the collective. 


Loneliness is one of the most deeply crippling and subjugating experiences of a the human soul. Just saying the word ‘lonely’ conjures up thoughts of remote and isolated islands, where people go ‘mad’ with their own company and lack of connection with another soul. Humans need connection and i would go as far to say that old souls carrying the light of creation, need it more, as their vibration is all about connection. The higher dimensions operate on feeling and consciousness that relies on relaying of ‘information’ and love through a system of empathy and awareness of another. Many other intergalactic species, like the cells in our body, are intimately interconnected and work in harmony unless there is illness or unwellness .


I would state here that Loneliness is a state of being that can evoke high levels of stressful feelings for Indigos and Starseeds such as:

  • Isolation

  • Disconnectedness

  • Disempowered/cut off from power source

  • Unvalidated self worth 

  • Doubts about themselves - if they are likeable/worthy/loveable/OK

  • Low self esteem/self confidence

  • Feeling like a failure

These are primary stresses that will create LOW SELF WORTH and affect your bank balance as well as many other areas of your life. 


I have been developing a course called ‘Cultivating Your Self Worth’, which has led me to download a system using the Chinese medicine energy transformation cycle to help Indigos, Starseeds and Earth Angels increase their energy in the area of self worth. This energy lies in the solar plexus and relates to Alchemy. We are able to alchemise these stressful feelings into GOLDEN energy and begin to attract all we need into our lives including clients, friends, love, partnership etc - to make our lonely island - the LOVE island it is meant to be. Indigo’s didn’t come here to be alone - You came here to party 🙂 


As an indigo you might be intensely aware of your loneliness or you might find that you try to hold it at bay with distractions in the material world. As many Indigos have experienced ‘feeling different’ to their families, friends, colleagues and the world in general, loneliness is a natural result of feeling ‘not part of the crowd’. The reality is that you were never meant to be part of the crowd and ‘groupthink’ and that is part of the reason you came to Earth in the first place. You came to bring into higher frequencies of energy and to be a holder of vibration that would affect and change the world around you. Many of you are system breakers - meaning that you disrupt old energy patterns and work to devolve the old matrix systems. You come as non-binary, artists, creators, inventors, activists, therapists, rainbow warriors, new-age thinkers, animal lovers, sexual healing gurus, poets and many other wonderful colourful flavours of expression to wobble the status-quo. Most of all you came with LOVE and that is the new religion you bring. Unity and love - the truth message of the Heart Chakra. 


So how does Loneliness affect my Bank Balance? 


If you are feeling isolated and like an island - you begin to doubt who you are. Am I likeable? Do people love me? These thoughts create a downward spiral and an inward spiral. It is very common for indigo’s to withdraw from participation in the world due to the dense vibrations they experience around them all the time, it can be hard to keep one’s energy high and balanced. We need time to rejuvenate and feel safe. Life experience can be traumatic especially if you are here to clear ancestral energy around trauma or trauma pockets on the earth. 


Money is also not the motivating God of Indigos as your soul often has a higher calling. This is why there are so many creative expressions of indigos and they need to express themselves fully in this lifetime. If you have not received appreciative validation for your creative expression, your feedback loop cannot be fuelled. This means it can feel like you are giving out a lot but not getting a lot back in return - which in itself becomes part of the loneliness package and the spiral goes downwards. 


It is very hard to attract what you need when you have a downward spiral. Your magnetism becomes reduced and your vibration can become clogged. Many mindset people will say this is the ‘negative mindset’ which affects wealth, which is true but i would also say that Indigos are heart people and loneliness affects the Heart. A depressed heart will not be able to radiate and attract because it cannot build the fuel needed for the magnetic fuel to grow. This links to my work on the Heart Matrix - the energetic field of the Heart which we all need to develop, build and energise as we move into the 5th Dimension - so that we can actually operate and utilise this higher dimension on Earth. 


So How Do We Eliminate Loneliness?


I would suggest working with a trained practitioner - someone who is really good at unconscious blocks and energy work, especially linked to the Heart. You may work with me too - i specialise with Indigos, star seeds and Earth Angels, as that is what i know - but there are many other brilliant coaches out there and i can provide suggestions - email me or contact me on Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube or Instagram & ask - i would love to hear from you. 


Scan your energy and look for these 

  • Worry or Fear about being rejected

  • Fear of Judgement

  • Fear of being misunderstood/misinterpreted

  • Fear of loosing control

  • Fear of weakness/needing people

  • Fear of being ‘wrong’/toxic shame

  • Fear of ejection from family

  • Fear of being too much

  • Fear of not being enough

Fear can also be replaced with worry - this shows you are expressing unconscious stress about something and thats makes your energy all wobbly and clogged. 


Once you identify a block to work on in your energy - i can recommend EFT on acupuncture body points - there are some common ones on the internet but i would suggestion LI4 and LI11 - for ease and because they are on  the Large intestine metal channel to help with elimination and value. If you are not sure where these are - check the internet or email me and i can show you. 


At this point, we need to do the multi dimensional work - sometimes these trauma blocks are deep and have roots in other incarnations or belief systems. Family roots can also play a key role for indigos as we are here to clean up the DNA, so you need to bring as much light as possible into these areas to help them transform. As a rule, i bring in a much higher frequency to match the energy vibration of the block. The more dense the block, the higher the frequency that is required to help dissipate it. This is also a reason why you may need to change practitioners as you evolve through layers. 


Will This Increase My Bank Balance?


Yes and you will also feel a whole lot better. Loneliness is such a self limiting experience. I often wonder how different the world will be once Indigos have managed to shift the loneliness pattern from their collective energy. It has been one of the main ways the old matrix has kept us disempowered, so collectively shifting this pattern will help us all be more visible, more wealthy, more heathy and happy. It will bring more heart energy to earth and really begin to shift things up a gear. Once you know that you are worthy and your money flow reflects that too - you will really know you are a player in the world creating the 5th dimension. 


I wish you well on your individual journeys

Lightness and connection


Natasha Astara xxxx


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