Attracting People Who Feel Like Sunshine

December 7, 2018


I am sure you know the emotional trials and stresses of the last few years and you don’t need a recap here. 2018 has been a year of mastery, tying up ends, tidying up past mistakes and cutting the cords to old destructive relationships. Codependency has come under the spot light in a big way, asking us to consider our ties to other people and how healthy they are. How we want people to make it all better for us rather than owning our own pain and also how other people want us to make it all better for them rather than being responsible for what is their pain. This certainly has been a year of working this out, working it through and cleansing the chakras to be ready for a healthier relationship with ourselves and other people. 


As we go into the winter and the yin time of year, it is a time to go inward. Yin is the more receptive aspect of ourselves, where we are able to gestate new ideas and new intentions. It is the internal process of birthing before we see the physical manifestation in the spring, where we move into outward yang process.  The New Moon today (7 Dec) is marking the end of a phase and the beginning of a new one. It is the last new moon in the number 11 year of mastery and a good time to begin our intentions for what we want to create. 


One of the best intentions you can set yourself is to attract the right people into your personal sphere of energy. Relationships with people is all about energy flows and mutual exchange. We are all influencing one another both consciously and unconsciously. Empathic people have been learning some hard lessons in the last few years about who makes them feel good and who does not. It is true that your tribe can raise you up or pull you down. As we move more into the vibration of the heart space for the 5th dimensional shift, we are being taught a great lesson about discernment. Learning to discern what supports your healthy vibe of wellbeing and learning what does not. 


When we have put so much work and effort into our own wellbeing, it is important that we attract the people who will support it and help us to maintain it. I have heard that when addicts become clear of their addictive substance, then it is hard to spend time around the people who still indulge in the old pattern. This is true of your own vibrational clearing. You need to attract the people, situations and environments that support your soul nature and unique vibration. 


For me, i like to set the intention to attract people who feel like sunshine. People who make me feel warm inside, raise me up and i feel lit in my heart in their presence. The mutual exchange has balance and i am not being perpetually drained by the interactions, even if it ‘seems’ nice on the surface. I have a list of intentions about the type of energy i would like to attract that is a good energetic match for my vibration. (I encourage you to write your own)

  • Good Intentions

  • High Vibrations for me

  • Kindness

  • Fun

  • Laughter

  • Like Minds

  • Big Hearts

  • Love

I understand that life is always going to up and down but if i surround myself with people who help me to buzz then i am getting the support from my friends, relationships and environment. This intention forms the transmission for my attraction process. Once we have clarity around what we want, we support our discernment process of no longer choosing the old lessons to repeat themselves and drag us back into past stories. 


Your energy is your most precious resource, so use it wisely and attract the people who will respect it and love you. As we move into the 5th dimension, this support system will help to maintain your vibration and bring you the interactions you need for your soul light to fully incarnate here in your physical body. Indigos will be moving out of the patterns of loneliness. Earth angels will be disconnecting from abusive relationships. Starseeds will be meeting the people who resonate with their ideas. Empaths will be able to hold their energetic boundary more effectively with the support of mutual vibrational people.


2019 is the year of the number 3, which relates to EXPANSION. Make this winter, the dreamtime for yourself, where you sow the seeds of intention ready for the EXPANSIVE energy to greet it in the spring. Attracting your tribe is going to make things flow and grow much more easily and in a sustainable way without all the peaks and troughs we have gone through this year. 


Blessings & Good Fortune to you all on your journey


Natasha Astara


PODCASTS - I have been releasing 15 min podcasts twice a week through my Spreaker radio page. You can listen to these on my facebook, twitter or youtube pages. Enjoy a daily boost of sharing and likeminds 🙂 


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