Setting your Soul Intentions for 2019

December 18, 2018

On the 21st December 2018, the Winter Solstice in the UK we are not only saying farewell to 2018 but birthing a new paradigm. We are about to witness the end of the patriarchal grip that has kept humankind enslaved for centuries. We will begin to activate and work with the new crystalline Earth grid and anchor in the 5th dimension. So many lightworkers, Earth Angels, Indigos and Starseeds have incarnated at this time to assisting in the  birthing of the New Earth. Many of us hold the codes to creating this new paradigm and we have been through a severe process of ascending over the last few years since 2012 and for most of us, building up to it since birth in this incarnation. It has been common for our light frequencies to be muffled and confused within the density of the 3D. It has been hard on the body and the mind, with many experiencing the pain and discomfort of incarnation in a physical body filled with corrupted DNA and trying to exist in the heaviness of the patriarchal matrix. 


I am pleased to say that the new matrix has been coded as a Venus matrix, which for me, is much more in alignment with my soul energy. This matrix is about love, unity and creativity. It creates space for artistic freedom and the expression of the soul. It will have space for pleasure and enjoyment, the type of enjoyment where the entire soul is lit up in frequency aligning it with soul light. It is about love consciousness in the physical. We are at the dawning of a New Age. 


If you are able to make time to dig deep within this time period from 12/12 to 21/12 then i encourage you to connect with your Heart and find the deepest connection with your soul light. Allow yourself this space as this will become your guide for 2019 and beyond. Set your intentions and you will be activating your soul map for the rest of your life. 


This Year Set your intentions on 21st December on the Winter Solstice by lighting a candle and expressing your list to the Earth, your friends, your soul sisters and yourself. Repeat again on the 22nd December , the Full Moon.


I wish you love on your journey and blessings for your soul intentions in 2019. 


Natasha Astara



p.s I would LOVE to hear your intentions - Please comment on my/your twitter/instagram/facebook/websites with the #myintentions4newearth 


If you would like to work with me to connect with your heart and build your heart matrix, please book through my website

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