New Moon, New Year, New Healing

January 5, 2019

Inside Every Seed is the Intention of Life.


2019 has begun and we are blessed with a dynamic New Moon on 5th January.


New Year, New Start, New Moon. New Beginnings. 


We are in the journey of the winter, still the yin time of year and many people are incubating their dreams of the New Earth #myintentions4newearth This hashtag is used to initiate the coding for the unity consciousness in the New Earth, where all our intentions gather and collate as building blocks. 


As the months rolled by in 2018, there were massive clearings of the old and stagnant energy patterns that do not serve us. We have been integrating light and expanding into our STAR selves. This has been a long process of detoxing density, both from within and outside of us. As we enter into a new phase, power charged by the partial sun eclipse today, there are also new patterns coming to the surface to clear. I notice that when i really reach the roots of an ancestral pattern that has run in families, then the star roots are becoming apparent. As we enter into the 5th dimension, our hearts are opening and our capacity to heal is expanding. The healing reaches way beyond this dimension and into the multidimensional space. This is where the soul resonates. Some people have been healing in this way for years, but today's New Moon is showing that we will be expanding into the patterning and discovering that we have access to the energy blueprints that we brought with us in this incarnation from star families and  constellations of origin. The picture is expanding and so is the patterning. I am being shown that some of the hardest deepest patterns to shift from the mind and psyche have deep roots in the star family energy. We are just beginning to touch the surface of this possibility at this time. It is both exciting and illuminating. 


Healing the origin patterns at this level will assist in cleaning up the ancestral patterning in the physical world. This work will need to be introduced once the deep layers of emotional, mental, physical healing have been worked through, as these are the symptom strands expressed. They need to be cleared before the Star roots can be exposed and understood with compassion and the heart. 


We are lucky that there are so many wise vibrant advanced multidimensional souls incarnated on earth at the time. This allows this healing work to be introduced and utilised in the physical with great speed, allowing us to build momentum required to heal great swaths of the population transitioning into 5D. At the moment, we are relatively very few and i wonder if we are less than 0.5% of the total global population, but these new waves of healing and our increased ability to access higher dimensional ways of healing will assist us and those that awaken there after. We are on the precipice of great change. This may last a 1,000 years into the future but will stretch millions of years into the past as the timelines collapse and we clear the way for the new beginning here on Earth. 


Blessings for you in your New Year 





If you would like to work with me i am offering 1:1 sessions to assist with your healing patterns and activating you into the new Earth grid. I work with indigos, starseeds, Earth Angels, Elementals and lightworkers. I offer peaceful reconnection and healing to your heart, your soul mission and your star family. 


Link up with me on facebook, instagram, Youtube and Twitter. I release 15 min podcasts regularly on Youtube at Earthmother Starchild. 



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