Releasing 3D Lack for the 5th Dimension

January 15, 2019



This is a special week,  as they all seem to be at the moment. We are in the middle of January, deep winter in the UK and coming to the end of the Eclipse portal that opened on 5 January. On the 20/21 January we will experience a Full Moon with a partial Eclipse in Leo. This is super moon and the super charge to the portal that began 2 weeks ago. I am not an astrologer but i keep track of the planets as it begins to validate my emotional and energetic changes - one day feeling like thrusting forward and the next like someone took all the energy away - i find it helpful to have a context to place this in. 


So, it's the middle of January, most people in the UK are probably waiting for their salary to come in at the end of the month, knowing that they over stretched at Christmas. Entrepreneurs are rewriting business plans and targets for the year and updating their tax returns if they have not done them all ready. There is a general focus in the physical world on starting afresh, striving for more and goal setting. I think this is very appropriate for what lightworkers and 5D entrepreneurs are doing to prepare for the 5D. We are expecting a big shift this year and we have been doing all the groundwork in preparation since 2012 or before. 


One of the traps i feel that 5D entrepreneurs and lightworkers can fall into is 3D Goal setting. Goal setting the one thing i learned from my work with entrepreneurs, business coaches as a main component of resetting your life. Working in the 3D people set goals and work towards them. My feelings are mixed about this process and i will tell you why. The Energetic consequences are in purple!


Goals and Needs are not always in alignment - In my experience you need to be absolutely connected with inner self to be aware of what your innate needs are and how to create goals that match them. I see plenty of wealthy intelligent successful people setting goals but when they achieve them they feel hollow, empty and more miserable than they did before they set them. This is a real problem in our society. A society where we have so much compared to the rest of the world. We are rich on material goods but poor on emotional contentment and true happiness. We are learning the lesson that MORE does not mean BETTER. It reminds me of watching some Netflix Marie Kondo episodes (i love how Marie Kondo reintroduces spirituality into people’s homes) but i have to admit i felt a bit sick seeing the amount of STUFF people have - they are literally drowning in it and they know it. I can relate this - i have spent the last 3 years decluttering.

The energetic 5D reality is that your soul may have a very specific journey and mission here on Earth which needs to be in line with your GOALS otherwise your physical being will be struggling to achieve a goal that your soul has no interest in and works against. 


Goals indicate a bench mark that if we do not achieve then we have Failed - Yes, this could just be my mind set but as soon as we set a Goal we are setting up a pass or fail level which immediately brings up success or failure in my mind. It is a polarity that so many people work in that it has great power in the UK. We are mostly subscribing to success or failure from the age of 5 or 6 when we start school. I have heard all the arguments about it and i am tired. It is making us all tired. This is all a mind construct designed to keep us all on the ladder of striving and struggling, fear and exhaustion.

The energy linked to Failure is depressing and creates a lower vibration. It affects the lungs and ones ability to expand and open the quantum field to receive your soul light. This low vibration can be very damaging to your energy and your ability to live from the Heart. 


Goals indicate you are not happy where you are - Lets take a moment to reflect and be truly thankful and grateful for what we have right now. Does it sound like a Christian harvest festival prayer or a pagan blessing on the harvest? This is a modern moment of gratitude for all the small and large things we have that make up our life. If i am constantly working to avoid where i am and change it then i am saying i am dissatisfied with where i am and it shows.

Gratitude is heart opening and attracting. It is fuel for the Heart and will help you expand and radiate rather than contract and diminish.The universe can respond positively to gratitude vibrations. It feels good and you are programming yourself for the 5th dimension. 


Goals focus on the Destination and devalue the Journey- In short, by aiming and focusing on a goal all the time we miss the living of our lives. When did life become about how big your car is or your home? In Short - when did life become about MONEY? In the UK people are obsessed with money and no wonder - to live in the UK in your own home somewhere - even a cheap place will cost you between £1600 - £3000 a month - you need that to just exist. If you add children, pets, dependents onto this then you are looking at double or triple that. We have made life so expensive and unmanageable that we literally are required to goal set or find yourself on the street in a box. Which many people are - we have a massive problem with homelessness in the UK. We literally cannot even afford to live in our own country. So, while we are focussing on the next goal, even if it is paying the rent every month, we are missing the living of life all around us. The beauty of who we are, of nature, of other people, of life that nourishes the soul and helps us to thrive.

The 5th dimension is all about coming into the present infinite moment. There is no past or future. There is no split or separations. This is unity consciousness and it brings harmony, love and connection. 


Goals are about FEAR- I wonder about writing this hear but i think it needs to be said and resaid a few times. We have been so conditioned into striving and competing that we forget what it feels like not to be burning out our adrenals in every moment. We are human beings with the most wonderful facilities at our disposal. Our capacity for enjoyment, pleasure and intelligence is incredible. On this Earth, at this time there is so much focus on survival and fear that we have generated whole systems out of it. People design their whole lives from Fear. It is the most debilitating mental programming i have ever witnessed and it works to keep every in line and focusing on scarcity.

Fear is an emotion that stimulates responses in our body that encourage us to contract, reduce and stay small. This response moves us out the Heart space and prevents expansion. To activate our soul energy into the new crystalline Earth grid, we need to EXPAND and open. Acting from an open heart will help your energy to flow in your life. All  you need to activate and implement your soul mission will be attracted to this unique frequency in your energy field. The beacon just needs to be bright and loud - all the time to do so! 


The few snippets i have experienced of the 5th Dimension and how we will be working in this paradigm is showing me that we need to let go of lack from our cellular programming. This is not an easy task. We are looking at thousands of years of mental and emotional programming that pulls on the huge FEAR of the collective unconscious and ourselves. Survival is a FEAR that urges all of us to set a goal and move towards it. I am suggesting that we need to step into the Heart and out of the fear. Do  our actions and live our life from motivations of love. Trust is going to be the element we need for this monumental leap. I have been guided that in the 5th dimension we will not be interested or motivated by money because there will be no lack. In truth, there is no lack in our world. It is the FEAR that keeps reenforcing this illusion to us. An illusion that the wealthy few don’t buy into. We are going to be clearing a mass of poverty consciousness in 2019. It requires a change in perspective and a change in what you prescribe to. Where you put your focus and beliefs. What you pay your money for and how you think about it. 


When you are motivated by love and the Heart is in charge everything changes and shifts. You may find you do things that don’t make sense and don’t fit your goals. You may believe that you are ‘wrong’ or people might tell you that. The wisdom of the Heart has been lost for too long on planet Earth and this is why we are mostly miserable in our lives. We sit in our warm offices and homes feeling depressed and hollow. This is the time to invoke the Heart and make the adjustments required to truly live. 


Affirmations for Heart Expanding and Letting Go of Lack Programming. 

I love my life

i love my body

i am free

i have freewill and i can express myself freely

I choose Love

I choose to follow my heart

I connect with Others Hearts and expand into Love.


Blessings of Love & Light  on your Journey






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