Venus Healing

Venus Healing is a deep relaxation process creating a sacred space for your body to heal using the Venusian Love Ray. Natasha Astara will talk you through a deep meditation to allow the process of transformation and healing.

During the session Natasha will scan your energy and physical body as well as linking with your star energy and guides for information and healing. 

Sometimes we just need a little help and reconnection with our divine selves to shift or heal a pattern.


These sessions are illuminating and empowering. Clients report feeling energised and aligned after.

Natasha  will look at what might be blocking your energy system and how you can move into 5th dimensional energy and begin activating into the new crystalline grid.The Session can also focus on your earthly life path to download and enhance your connection with your soul mission and soul energy. By focusing on the physical and any issues coming up for you in your life, we can find echoes of the planetary and soul blocks that hold keys for you to be able to thrive in this Earth plain, allowing your soul energy to become present in your present incarnation on Earth. 

Many Indigos, Earth Angels and Starseeds work with me to help them bring their work and divine soul plan into this earthly life. It is vital that we are all living our earth mission with our personal divine soul energy as this will be creating the New Paradigm here on Earth. 

Here are some examples of work i do with clients , each session being unique to their needs.


- Soul development

-Business Coaching 

- Soul mission/Soul Path

-Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine Balance

-Healing Ancestral Lineage/DNA upgrade

Land Healing - Creating sacred space and sacred blessings for the land with ceremony - i can do this remotely if you seek more information for the consciousness of any area or property. This can work well with homes, business property and any other areas - like where schools are built or looking to set up a new project somewhere. I speak to guardians of the land and look at the energy flows in the earth energies and provide clear healing guidance. 

Onsite/ remote land healing - contact to discuss or book a session to begin below.

Goddess Oracle

1:1 Session  £125 1 hour

In these sessions i utilise cards and other scrying techniques to view your question from the spiritual perspective.

I work with Goddess guidance and Angelic realms to provide clear insight into your situation.We are able to look at 

relationship/money/fertility/work or any situation that is feeling stuck or difficult. Issues specific to indigos, starseeds and

Earth Angels suchas Twin Flame, empathic burnout, healing work and soul purpose can be addressed. 


These sessions are healing sessions and clients often report feeling better after listening to the words

and meanings coming from the cards.

Bookings can be in person in London or The EarthMother Starchild Clinic  in Forest Row or on Skype/zoom.

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1:1 Awakening Mentor 

Awakening is a birthing process. It can be a wonderful experience, where many new gifts are downloaded in one's consciousness like seeing auras, speaking to spirit guides or feeling deeply connected to the natural world. Sometimes the Awakening can be so fast it can be a scary experience with no one to validate or guide the new levels of awareness. 

I offer gentle Awakening mentoring with sessions available as weekly, fortnightly or monthly to help with the basics of energy awareness and becoming grounded in your new sense of who you are. 

Sessions are tailored to your needs and we can discuss this with a free 10 min introductory call 

Sessions over internet or in person in Forest Row or London.

1 hr sessions £125

1:1 Guidance

"Love can heal even the deepest of wounds"

Natasha Astara - Venus Channeling

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