Venus I (2018) Unconditonal Love Portal

Hi Beautiful,

I am Astara. I am an Indigo, Starseed and Earth Angel. I am was born with the Venusian Ray of Love and my work here on beloved Gaia is to help awaken and support highly evolved souls to live and thrive in their incarnation and begin to live their soul mission. It seems like my soul mission is connected to yours - so get in touch and we can begin to delayer the 3D and move into the New Paradigm here on Earth. 

This incarnation has led me on a journey of recovering parts of myself through my lifetime and work. I am an Acupuncturist who has specialised in Fertility and Women's health. I am Priestess to the Goddess and of Avalon. I am a channel for the divine feminine and Venus Angelic realms. I am an artist and create sacred space using light, sound and vibration to raise energy and consciousness. 


 Astara  xxx

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