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Lucky me, This has been an amazing Autumn for manifesting wonderful collaborations with wonderful people. I am looking forward to updating you fully with a end of year 'round up' for 2019 blog to mark the end of an EXTREME year of everything you could imagine all squished together in twelve months. Today, i am writing this mini bloggette to let you know about my December dates for appointments at the Library members club in St Martin's lane, London.

I will be expanding the vision of soul freedom in this informal but lovely setting by giving appointments for Goddess oracle with card reading. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into your soul development and star mission. We can look at relationships, work or property to see how you can get into more alignment with the flow of your divine self. We can also order tea/coffee and chat - sometimes this can be the best way to work yourself out of a stuck situation in life as we hold keys for one another.

My December dates for the Library appointments are Friday 6 December and Thursday 19th December 2019. Booking is essential and you can use this link

If you are unable to join me in London for a 1:1, you can use the link to join me via ZOOM/Skype for the session and it will be like your virtual presence will be enjoying the experience even if you are 1,000 miles away in California! No travel needed.

I will be adding more London dates for 2020 as well as a whole list of amazing happenings in the New Earthmother Starchild Clinic in Forest row, East Sussex. Over the New year i will be in Malta offering readings - sign up to my mailing list to keep in the loop.

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