Venus & Love

I am a Hathor and i come from Venus. I incarnated on Earth with a Soul Mission to heal the feminine and bring unconditional love through my body and soul vibration to Earth. 

In the last few years i have been receiving strong transmissions from my star family residing in Venus. This has not be the only planet i have incarnated on but for this life time it is the perfect vibration for my soul's mission on Earth. We are  installing and stabilising the New Matrix on Earth which is attuned to the vibration of love. Part of my mission is like being a tuning fork to awaken that vibration in others and within the matrix. For most of my life, like many other light workers here, we have been breaking up the old matrix, deconstructing the codes of the patriarchy. My vibration is based on divine creation and cannot thrive within a destructive cycle, which much of the old matrix has been based on. Many of the messages i have received from Venus has been about the beauty of the feminine, loving the female body, feeling the power of emotion and balancing the distortions of the old masculine to be able to birth the new sacred masculine structure. 

'Venus I' (2017)

by Natasha Astara

Original Oil Painting 20x25cm

This was one of the first paintings i received as a transmission in the first month of writing the Venus Channellings. It was originally received as light and i drew it on my window with a chalk pen. It remained there like a portal bringing in love an information until i was guided to try to paint it. As the symbol was presented as translucent energy, i have used soft pastels as instructed by my guides, to retain the lightness of the symbol. It creates a portal to Venus and divine love, maintaining a gateway for the channeling over the months following. 

Love is all there is 

Dear Star Child

You have been birthed on to the Earth Mother for your divine soul mission to be born through you. In every cell of your body you carry the blueprint of the divine. As a human born through woman, your body has been created in the balance of the Goddess and the God. You carry the oneness of divine creation and this oneness is what you refer to as love. 

In this Earth journey you will experience much that has not been born of love. The Earth has been infiltrated for a long time by beings who are not born of light and attempt to distort the frequency of wholeness and unconditional love. This distortion has affected the minds of men and women greatly and has led to a great imbalance. A matrix has been overlaying the true matrix of the Earth mother, one that has been fixed and suffocating for her life and development. We have also seen this played out in the minds and bodies of men and women in humankind. Many humans can no longer feel their divine nature and have lost the ability to see and reflect love. Luckily we have seen many evolved souls transitioning to Earth to bring light and love. Some of these souls have not incarnated for huge amounts of time and did not need to incarnate again but it was their own desire to help the Earth Mother at this time and to bring the new frequencies and more subtle vibrations to Earth. Many of these souls knew that they would be experiencing great suffering and distortion as a result of the return to the 3D matrix on Earth. Some will have to reincarnate many times to restore their energy after this experience, such was the selfless actions they have taken and their love of the Earth. She has need and we have answered her call. 

There are many divine beings on Earth currently and it is important to support each other and sustain the higher energy for one another. There are many Higher Guides, Angels, Counsels of Light, Ascended Masters and other light beings helping at this time. Light frequencies are speeding up and portals are opening for this transition. For many this will be a frightening time as the 3D and 5D split apart. Many will choose the remain in the 3D but they will also be awakening over the decades to come. There are evolved ones who will help those to ascend into the 5D, of which you are one. Bring in your light dear one and let your love through. Be prepared to allow the illusions to fall away as the mind is clarified of 3D mindsets. The heart will become the guide and the messenger of love. 

Remember you are LOVE and that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

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